Osaka University will start a new system in 20 to support 2022 yen for female students enrolled in the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Basic Engineering.The plan is to continue for several years with the aim of increasing the number of female students advancing to the Faculty of Science and Technology and promoting diversity.

 According to Osaka University, 2022 female students who will enroll in three science and engineering faculties in April 4 will be supported.Five companies, Saraya, Suntory Holdings, Sanyo Chemical Industries, Daikin Industries, and NTT West will provide financial cooperation.There are no rules on how to use the support money, and the female students who receive it can use it freely.

 As of May, more than half of the undergraduate students are female students in the Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Human Sciences, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Dentistry. Is below.The percentage of female students enrolled in Japanese science and engineering faculties is the lowest among OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) member countries, and Osaka University is no exception.

 Osaka University has called on girls to go on to three science and engineering faculties at open campuses, saying that diversity is the source of innovation, but it has not been effective yet.For this reason, we decided to send a stronger message than ever by establishing a support fund system.

 On June 6, the "Handai Science and Engineering Women's Festival" will be held online for high school girls, parents, and high school teachers to encourage them to go on to higher education.

reference:[Osaka University Gender Equality Promotion Center] Support for girls' advancement to the Faculty of Science and Technology and promotion of diversity! We carry out "admission support fund system"


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