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Comprehensive event for high school / preparatory school officials "High School Connection General Assembly" to be held on June 6st

 Arrow Corporation / Arrow Education Research Institute will hold the "2021 High School Connection General Assembly" on June 6, 1.high school […]

Reiwa 2nd year Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "University Revitalization Human Resources Education Program Construction Project" kick-off symposium held

Shinshu University is the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's University Education Revitalization Strategy Promotion Fund

Kyoto University's YouTube Lecture on Corona x Humanities and Social Sciences "Stop and Think" Season 2 Starts

 The Kyoto University Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences will give a special lecture on humanities and social sciences at Kyoto University live on YouTube in real time, interactively, and for free […]

Rikkyo University "Project to Support Learning" A survey of the actual situation under the nationwide closure is published as a book

 A new book, "The Day the School" Stopped "-Challenge of the People Who Support the Learning of With Corona-", supervised by Professor Jun Nakahara of Rikkyo University, was published in February 2021 […]

Musashino University Received "Excellent Presentation Award" at IPSJ for cutting-edge online classes

 Musashino University MUSIC (Musashino University Smart Intelligence Center) […]

Kyoritsu Women's University devises a school lunch menu in Minamisanriku-cho Online food education exchange

 Kyoritsu Women's University held a seminar (graduation thesis) by Professor Ikiko Kinoshita, Department of Food and Nutrition, Faculty of Home Economics, as part of its efforts for social and regional cooperation in 2020. […]

Wide-area communication system "Waokoto High School" to open in April 2021

 Wow Corporation, which operates cram schools in 47 prefectures nationwide, has established a wide-area communication high school "Wow High School" in 2021 […]

Otemon Gakuin University's new educational concept "WIL", practical examples to be disseminated on the official website

 Otemon Gakuin University announced the new educational concept "WIL (Work-Is-Learnin […]" on the occasion of the 2018th anniversary of the school's founding in 130.

Kio University Holds Workshop "Brain Science of Physical Exercise" for High School Students on December 12th

 On December 2020, 12, Kio University will target high school students as part of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science's project "Inspiration ☆ Tokimeki Science" […]

Kio University holds an online seminar to think about "learning tasks for Japanese language" and "guidance and evaluation for physical education" in elementary school

 The Institute for Contemporary Education, Kio University is aimed at teachers in the field as part of the activities that help improve the educational ability in the field, which is the purpose of the establishment […]
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