Josai University will celebrate its 2025th anniversary in 60.President Yozo Fujino, who is in his third year as president, has applied the founding spirit of the university's founder, Mikio Mizuta, who has served as Minister of Finance (currently Minister of Finance), to "develop human beings through learning," and apply it to the 3st century's "co-creative power." It can be read as "nurture".I emphasize that the role of Josai University is to develop students who respect the individuality of others, learn from each other's characteristics, and help each other to solve various social issues, and who have "co-creative power." .We asked Professor Fujino to talk about Josai University's goals for the future, learning, and his thoughts on students.


From “competition” to “co-creation”

 The Internet has created a situation where information can be transmitted instantly to the whole world, and "competition" across countries and regions has intensified everywhere.As a result, inequality and division are widening around the world.Many of the problems facing the world today cannot be solved unless people from all countries and regions work together to create new ideas.

 Rather than "competing" and winning, the spirit of "co-creation" that cooperates, helps each other, and creates a sustainable society is required in the coming era.It is important for everyone in the world to work together to create solutions not only for global warming but also for regional, food, and environmental problems.

 We live with various people in the world.Respecting and respecting others and pursuing solutions while learning together is “human development through learning”.Therefore, instead of the "competition" of competition, I would like to value "co-creation" of sharing, cooperating, and creating with everyone as a new way of thinking based on the founding spirit.In my own words, I would like to convey to students why this university was established as a private university and the thoughts of the founder, Professor Mikio Mizuta.


Students gathering in Building No. XNUMX (JOSAI HUB)


As a base where various people interact

 Josai University is one of the few private universities in Saitama Prefecture.The humanities faculties of economics, management, and modern policy, the science faculties of physics and pharmacy, and junior college students study on one campus.

 The Keyakidai Campus in Sakado City, located on the banks of the beautiful Koma River, rich in nature, and its surroundings are fully equipped with facilities for enjoying various sports such as track and field, baseball, soccer, tennis, and golf. The lecture room area of ​​Building 2022 (commonly known as JOSAI HUB), the new face of the campus, has also been completed.

 The Sakado Campus, where students, faculty and staff members gather under a large eaves on a daily basis and create natural exchanges, serves as a base for "exchange of knowledge," accepting the flow of people from all directions and truly functioning as a node "hub." fulfill.

 In addition to an open lecture room that promotes "visualization" with glass partitions, a variety of "learning places" such as cafes, lounges, active learning, presentations, and self-study, as well as student "places to belong", have been well received by students. is. In September 2023, the main gate and guard station are scheduled for a grand opening.


Rendering of building No. 23 (JOSAI HUB) and central plaza


Learning necessary for living in the society of the future

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