Doshisha University's Faculty of Culture and Information Science studies culture using data science. Since the establishment of the faculty in 2005, we have been ahead of the times in promoting learning that fuses the humanities and sciences. From 2024, the curriculum will be drastically reformed.We aim to create "comprehensive knowledge" by further clarifying the concept of interdisciplinary and inquiry type. “Comprehensive knowledge is the power to create new value by integrating all kinds of knowledge. We will develop human resources who can bring about innovation in society in the future.”We asked Professor Hisahiro Yado, who has been designing the data science education of the Faculty since its establishment, about the whole picture of the reform.



Understanding Humans by Decoding "Culture" with "Data"
Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society

 Data science is the study of deriving new value from data based on statistics and informatics.With the development of information technology, the number of objects that can be converted into data and the amount of data has increased dramatically, and since it is applied in all kinds of fields, the demand from society continues to expand these days.

 Under these circumstances, Doshisha University's Faculty of Culture and Information Studies not only acquires data science skills, but also promotes a cross-sectional and comprehensive study of "culture as a subject of research" and "data science as a methodology".Professor Hisahiro Yado reveals the reason for studying culture as follows.

 "That's because we're in the 'Human age' from now on.Understanding human beings, in other words, exploring culture, which is human activity, is important in order to find clues to solutions to problems with uncertain futures, such as environmental destruction, conflicts, and poverty.At this faculty, we consider ``what people want, what makes them happy, and what actions they take at any given time,'' and interpret the data in depth, aiming to create businesses that bring true happiness to people and comprehensive knowledge that contributes to the realization of a sustainable society.”

 Comprehensive knowledge is the fusion of all kinds of knowledge, including the humanities, sociology, and natural sciences, and is the power to create new value.The Cabinet Office has also advocated its necessity as a source of innovation in modern society.

 Professor Sukuhisa continues. “In addition to theoretical research, the driving force behind data science research is to solve problems by connecting with various fields such as history, language, cognition, and economics. The interesting thing about this study is that it can handle any theme. It can be said that it is a study that realizes diversity and inclusion.”

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