List of articles by Tokyo University of Technology

Developed by Keio University, etc., a method for estimating how to hold a smartphone with a front camera

 Research groups at Keio University, Yahoo Japan Corporation Yahoo! JAPAN Research Institute, and Tokyo University of Technology are smartphone front cameras […]

Simultaneous game development event "Global Game Jam" held in more than 100 countries

 The Faculty of Media Studies, Tokyo University of Technology will hold a game development event simultaneously in more than 2020 countries from January 1st to February 31nd, 2 […]

Report on establishment of university / school corporation council, new establishment of 5 faculties nationwide

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's university establishment / school corporation council has 5 faculties established at universities such as the Faculty of Nursing, Gifu University of Economics, 1 department established at junior colleges, and graduate schools […]

Saitama Institute of Technology trains core human resources for the next-generation Internet through industry-academia collaboration

 Saitama Institute of Technology collaborates with a total of nine educational institutions such as universities and vocational schools nationwide in order to develop human resources who can utilize the Internet to revitalize local industries […]

Investigating communication tools for new students Tokyo University of Technology

 Tokyo University of Technology conducted a questionnaire survey of 2017 new students in 1,730 regarding the usage of communication tools […]

Teaching how to use the Internet safely with games Tokyo University of Technology

 On February 2016, 2, at COCOON CITY6 in Saitama City, the Cybercrime Countermeasures Division, Life Safety Department, Saitama Prefectural Police Headquarters announced "Cybercrime [...]

World's Largest Game Development Event Tokyo University of Technology at Venue

 The world's largest event "Global Game Jam 2016" where game developers from all over the world develop games at the same time is 2 […]

Tokyo University of Technology Functional dyes-Applied to cosmetics whose color changes with light-

 Professor Masashi Shibata of Tokyo University of Technology and others have succeeded in developing a photochromic material using only natural products.Photochromic material […]

Fostering industry-oriented human resources "Live Entertainment Theory" Tokyo University of Technology

 From September 2015, 9, the Faculty of Media Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Hachioji, Tokyo) and the Concert Promoters Association of Japan have made industry-academia proposals […]

Practical education that is also valid in Antarctica

 The 55th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition, which had been dispatched to Syowa Station, has returned to Japan after completing its mission until March this year.This time, KDDI stock […]