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Tsuda College supports students' careers by making the most of online

Tsuda College has been leading Japanese girls' education for over 120 years.The founder, Umeko Tsuda, will be a portrait of a 6-yen banknote from the XNUMXth year of Reiwa […]

To foster women who will lead the information society Tsuda College, Japan Women's University, etc. are new organizations

 Tsuda College and Japan Women's University make full use of ICT (Information and Communication) technology in collaboration with Fujitsu, Asial, and Fujitsu Cloud Technologies […]

Do you help the "bad guys"? Rissho University analyzes social norms in indirect reciprocal situations

 A research group led by Professor Hitoshi Yamamoto of the Faculty of Business Administration of Rissho University presented the latest research results on social norms in indirect reciprocal situations […]

Shibaura Institute of Technology and Tsuda College collaborate to interact with Kagawa University

 Tsuda College will participate in the exchange program between local and urban universities promoted by Shibaura Institute of Technology and Kagawa University, and on December 2019, 12, Kaori […]

Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award for Development of Authentication Cooperation System by Professor Okabe of Kyoto University

 Kyoto University Academic Information […] that designed and built a system that enables mutual authentication cooperation for the 2019 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award / Science and Technology Award.

Kitasato University and Tsuda College announce comments on banknote renewal

 The Ministry of Finance announced that it will issue 2024 yen, XNUMX yen and XNUMX yen by XNUMX from the viewpoint of strengthening counterfeit resistance.New XNUMX yen note […]

Jissen Women's University holds a forum to think from the perspective of female college students for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Para Olympics

 Tokyo 2018 Olympics and Paralympics from the perspective of female college students at the Shibuya Campus Student Hall on Saturday, December 12, 15 […]

Kansai University recommends entrance exams for refugees from 2019 students

 Kansai University became a partner school of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to support the enrollment of refugees who do not have Japanese nationality. 20 […]

Tsuda College Concludes the first comprehensive cooperation agreement with Kansai University

 Tsuda College and Kansai University signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement on April 2017, 4 to promote more active mutual exchanges.Tsuda College is […]

Investigate whether you notice changes in the “height” of your profile picture before and after processing 

 "Diverse Institute of Technology", which studies romance academically, Associate Professor Kazutaka Kurihara of Tsuda College, and Hajime Nishimoto of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology […]
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