List of articles by Shukutoku University

Prevention of special fraud, importance of connection with family and community, Shukutoku University survey

 Chiba […] was carried out by a student of Shukutoku University's Faculty of Community Policy that it is important to connect with family and the community to prevent special fraud such as oleore fraud.

Taisho University and Shukutoku University Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement Joint Fieldwork and Faculty Exchange

 Taisho University and Shukutoku University collaborate widely in the fields of education, research, and social contribution, and develop human resources that contribute to the realization of a sustainable community and the development of the community […]

Shukutoku University Tokyo Volunteer Center commends Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for "Lifelong Learning Support Activities for Persons with Disabilities"

 Shukutoku University Tokyo Voluntary Center has been evaluated as a lifelong learning support project for people with intellectual disabilities, and has been selected as a "lifelong learning support activity for people with disabilities" […]

Internship at Tokyo Girls Collection Shukutoku University

 "Mynavi presents 2018th Tokyo Girls Collection […]" held at Saitama Super Arena on September 9, 1

Professor Fujino of Shukutoku University Lecture at Chiba Nursing Robot Forum

 On October 2018, 10, the "26 Chiba Nursing Robot Forum" was held as part of a collaborative project between Shukutoku University and Chiba City.

Chiba industry-academia-government platform, comprehensive cooperation agreement with Chiba city

 The Chiba Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Platform, which aims to promote collaboration between universities, local governments, and companies in and around Chiba City, is a comprehensive collaboration agreement with Chiba City […]

Shukutoku University's "Welfare Mind" and the Possibility of "Welfare" Shared Through the Production of "Suktokuma Monogatari"

 Image characters exist in many universities.Of course, the backbone and meaning of the character is given in the process of production […]

8/24 Chiba Lotte Marines Shukutoku Special Night Game Held

 2018 Chiba Lotte Marines Shukutoku Special Night Game against Orix will be held on August 8th.Shukutoku University Community Policy Studies […]

Chiba's private universities rally and establish a new organization to secure students

 11 private universities and junior colleges in Chiba City and Ichihara City in Chiba Prefecture, such as Shukutoku University and Keiai University, have come together to create a Chiba industry-academia-government collaboration platform […]

Shukutoku University Faculty of Community Policy "Travel at Tokyo Disney Resort" is the theme of the project

 At Shukutoku University's Faculty of Community Policy, as part of "service learning" for hands-on learning in collaboration with the local community, "Tokyo […]" in 2018