Ritsumeikan University Article List

Ritsumeikan University, ASICS, and Progrit Collaborate to Develop Global Athletes to Carry Japan on Their Backs

 Ritsumeikan University and ASICS Japan Co., Ltd. aim to develop global athletes who will carry the Japanese sports world in the future, and provide English coaching […]

Ritsumeikan University Trial Introduction of AI Automatic Translation Service for English Classes

 From September 2022, 9, Ritsumeikan University will use AI automatic translation service " […]

A certain number of student solicitations for drugs such as cannabis, joint survey by Sekiseki

 1.4% of students at Kansai University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Doshisha University, and Ritsumeikan University were encouraged to purchase or use drugs such as cannabis and stimulants […]

Restoring aged abdominal cells also improves cognitive decline, such as Toho University

 Research groups such as Toho University, Kyoto University, and Ritsumeikan University have found that improving the aging of abdominal cells in the abdominal lumen improves the aging of cognitive function […].

Ritsumeikan University opens Sports Health Science Research Institute on Biwako / Kusatsu Campus

 Ritsumeikan University aims to create social symbiotic value through interdisciplinary co-creation in the fields of sports, health, and welfare, April 2022, 4, Shiga […]

Ritsumeikan University starts new AO entrance exam using "atama +" from 2023

 Ritsumeikan University is the first AI learning system in Japan to have "atama +" […] from the 2023 entrance examination (admission in April 2023).

Ritsumeikan University holds online symposium on female junior and senior high school athletes 2/12 

 Female athletes (especially juniors) do not have many chances to get the right medical knowledge.Female ass in Japan compared to overseas […]

Ritsumeikan University and Ochanomizu University, Diversity Cooperation Agreement

 Ritsumeikan University and Ochanomizu University have said that they will cooperate with each other by utilizing their human resources and information on the realization of a diversity research environment. […]

Ritsumeikan University holds "Graduate Week" on 4 campuses from November 11th to 8st to convey the charm of graduate school

 From November 2021, 11, Ritsumeikan University will hold "Graduate Week" on four campuses: Kinugasa, Biwako / Kusatsu, Osaka Ibaraki, and Suzaku […]
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