Ritsumeikan University Article List

Ritsumeikan University and others analyze the media and X's reaction to the former Johnny's Entertainment sexual assault case

 A research team from Ritsumeikan University, New York University, Yokohama National University, University of Tsukuba, University of Tokyo, and Indiana University has announced that they will develop a system to deal with social issues in 2023.

"TRY FIELD" with cutting-edge facilities opens in Ibaraki, Osaka, where two faculties are relocated ~ Ritsumeikan University ~

Ritsumeikan University OIC (Osaka Ibaraki Campus) will build a new building in April 2024 to coincide with the relocation of the School of Information Science and Engineering and the School of Film and New Media Studies.

Ritsumeikan University contributes to fluorine recycling by developing technology to gently decompose persistent fluorine compounds

 A research team from Ritsumeikan University has succeeded in developing technology to decompose fluorine compounds, which are known to be difficult to decompose, under mild conditions.

Ritsumeikan University pilots “on-campus side job” system for professional university employees who create new value

 The Ritsumeikan Educational Corporation is working to develop new human resources who have both expertise and comprehensiveness among university staff.

Ritsumeikan University announces plans to establish Faculty of Design and Art (tentative name), aiming to open in 2026

 Ritsumeikan University is preparing to establish the Faculty of Design and Art (tentative name) and the Graduate School of Design and Art (tentative name) on the Kinugasa Campus in Kita Ward, Kyoto City […]

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science awards 14 people including Kenji Itao of the University of Tokyo for the 18th Ikushi Award

 The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science has selected 14 people, including Kenji Itao of the University of Tokyo, for the 18th Ikushi Award, which is given to graduate school doctoral course students who promote excellent research activities.

Ritsumeikan University appoints astronaut Soichi Noguchi as special assistant to the president

 Ritsumeikan University has appointed Soichi Noguchi, a former Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut, as special assistant to President Yoshio Nakatani.Mr. Noguchi […]
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