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Closeness to companies is a major strength in nurturing problem-solving human resources.

 Workshop 4 "Human Resources Development (also unique to the region [...]" is directly linked to the main theme of this time, "Producing Human Resources."

Manufactures propylene while reducing COXNUMX Hokkaido University succeeds in developing the world's highest performance catalyst

 A research group at Hokkaido University has succeeded in developing a new catalyst that achieves propylene production by propane oxidative dehydrogenation with the highest performance in the world.

Ryukoku University to realize "carbon neutral" with the goal of 400, the 2039th anniversary of its founding

 Ryukoku University issued the "Ryukoku University Carbon Neutral Declaration" aiming for carbon neutrality in 400, which marks the 2039th anniversary of its founding […]

Developed by Shibaura Institute of Technology, a membrane synthesis method that efficiently removes COXNUMX from mixed gas

 "Carbon capture and storage technology (CCS: Car [...]" to curb climate change due to global warming and realize a carbon-neutral society

11 national universities in Kyushu collaborate to realize carbon neutrality

 Eleven national universities in Kyushu, including Kyushu University, have launched the Kyushu District Renewable Energy Cooperation Committee to realize carbon neutrality in 11 […]

Waseda University aims to realize carbon neutrality through research promotion x human resource development x social contribution

 Waseda University aims to realize carbon neutrality through the trinity of research promotion, human resource development, and social contribution, so "Waseda Car […]

Succeeded in developing a heat transfer tube that recovers the heat energy of air with an efficiency of almost 100%

 The University of Electro-Communications and the Central Research Laboratory of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation have succeeded in developing an epoch-making heat transfer tube that enables almost 100% heat recovery […]

Expectations for carbon neutrality Osaka University predicts household energy consumption in 2050

 Professor Yoshiyuki Shimoda of the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University and Takaya Nishimoto (master's course), a graduate student, have a detailed bottom-up that is unprecedented in the world […]

Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology Holds Open Lecture Online on the Theme of Energy for Next-Generation Mobility

 At Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology, on Saturday, October 2021, 10, the common theme is "Thinking about energy for next-generation mobility-the future of automobiles-" […]

To achieve carbon neutrality Universities and research institutes scrum

 Universities and research institutes in Japan aiming to achieve carbon neutrality (effectively zero greenhouse gas emissions) that the government is aiming to achieve in 2050 […]
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