Hokkaido University signed an industry-government-academia collaboration agreement with Furano City in Hokkaido and Oracle Japan to promote smart cities in Furano City.Doctoral students at Hokkaido University will propose solutions to issues and data submitted by Furano City, and Oracle Japan will provide cloud services.

 The signing ceremony of the agreement was held in Sapporo, and the agreement was signed by Hokkaido University President Kiyohiro Hokin, Mayor Kita Taketoshi of Furano City, and Executive Officer Mitsuru Honda of Oracle Japan.In addition to the promotion of smart cities, the content of the collaboration includes the use of Hokkaido University's digital technology, the promotion of education to improve data analysis skills, and the proposal of measures using cloud services.

 The three parties have been working on smart city promotion since 3, and are working to solve new issues in Furano City in 2021.

 The three companies will continue to strive to promote smart cities, but will also add new issues to consider, such as promoting carbon neutrality for Furano citizens and developing young customers for Furano Ski Resort.

 Hokin, President of Hokkaido University, said, "Hokkaido University, as a regional core university, will be a pioneering model case that is actively involved in the development of the region. A place for co-creation between the local community and doctoral students using digital technology will be a great opportunity for students." We hope that it will lead to our skill improvement."

reference:[Hokkaido University] Hokkaido University, Furano City and Oracle Japan conclude industry-government-academia collaboration agreement on smart city promotion (PDF)

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