It has been decided that the "Cosmetic Bag" jointly developed by Aoyama Gakuin University students and the popular sports brand Adidas will be released on September 9st.

From the press release

From the press release

Aoyama Gakuin University and Adidas Japan signed a partnership agreement in the field of sports in 2013, with the aim of realizing education and research related to sports, international exchange, regional contribution, and regional revitalization through sports.As part of this, since 2014, adidas Japan has been engaged in activities such as dispatching lecturers through classes in the Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration of the same university.
The sports tote "Cosmetic Bag" to be released this time is a project that started from the recruitment of "product planning and proposals for women", and students selected from more than 100 applicants challenged the joint planning of products and created it. It is a self-confident work.It is a sports tote bag for women that was born over more than half a year, and the students' ideas are utilized in every detail, including the discerning design and functions that realize the three "mote".
Now, I would like to introduce three "Moteru" that students are particular about with the concept of "a powder room that you can carry around".
① "Cosmetics and accessories are" moteru ""
A transparent zipper pocket is used so that you can easily find the accessories you removed before sports.
② "Shoes are" moter ""
Incorporated a shoe case with a deodorant deodorant function to prevent the generation of odors.
③ "Stylish" Moteru ""
A4 documents, shoes, and clothing are stored separately, realizing a female mind that does not want to carry multiple bags.

Available in two colors, yellow and pink, it will be sold at Aoyama Gakuin University Purchasing Association, adidas retail stores, adidas online shops, and some department stores.I am looking forward to the opinions unique to women and the release of attractive tote bags unique to Aoyama Gakuin University, which is famous as a fashionable university.

Source:[Adidas Japan Co., Ltd.] Adidas / Aoyama Gakuin University student joint project "Cosmetic bag", a sports tote bag for women that realizes three "mote", is born !!

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