The brassiere "Tenugu Inner", which was born from the industry-academia collaboration project "Tokimeki x Mirai" by Kyoto Seika University and Unnana Cool Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Wacoal Co., Ltd.), has been on sale since July 2015, 7.

Quoted from the source

Quoted from the source

 "Tokimeki x Mirai" has been held since 2011 as a class for students of the Department of Product Design, Kyoto Seika University, to work on the design of next-generation innerwear with staff such as Unnana Cool.The "Tenugu Innerwear" commercialized this time was born from "Tokimeki x Future 4" in 2014, which is the fourth project. The theme for 4 is "Innerwear for women in their early twenties to improve the relationship between underwear and girls."Nineteen students in the product design department started product development by investigating the lifestyle of target women in their early twenties.2014 designs were born from the free ideas of the students, and Akane Inuzuka's work "Tenugu Inner" will be released from the Unnana Cool brand.

 The tenugui inner is made of 100% cotton and is made of natural bleached material "tenugui" to pursue a comfortable fit.In addition, in order to deal with the problems that many women in their early twenties said, "It is difficult to tighten the wire" and "I am worried whether the size is correct", it is possible to adjust by tying the front part of the brassiere with a ribbon. It is set to.
 There are two types of tenugu innerwear, bras and shorts, and the prices range from 2 yen to 1,500 yen (excluding tax), and they are sold at Unnana Cool stores and ZOZOTOWN stores nationwide.

Source:[Kyoto Seika University] Tokimeki x Future XNUMX

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