4 Skill-type academic English proficiency test "TEAP" has increased by 2015% in the number of applicants for the 1st test in 1 compared to the 62st test in the previous year, according to the summary of the Japan English Test Association. I understand.As the number of universities such as Kwansei Gakuin University and Rikkyo University that decide to introduce them for entrance examinations has increased, it is believed that high school students who are preparing to take university entrance exams have received a great deal of interest.

According to the association, the number of applicants for the first test conducted on July 7 was 19.The number increased by 1 compared to 4751 in the first test of the previous year. TEAP is an English test that judges English proficiency based on the four skills of "reading," "listening," "writing," and "speaking." It was jointly developed by the association and Sophia University, and has been conducted multiple times a year since 1. In 2928, the second meeting will be held on September 1823th and the third meeting will be held on December 4th.

The target is high school third grade and above.If the test taker's English proficiency is shown as a score and the obtained score meets the criteria, some university entrance exams can be taken without taking the English test.When Sophia University adopted it for general entrance examinations from 3, the largest number of applicants ever gathered.In response to this, the movement of introduction has become visible in various qualification tests, and the number of universities that are newly deciding to adopt for entrance examinations is increasing.

In the 2016 university entrance examination, Sophia University will adopt it in all faculties and departments except the Faculty of International Liberal Arts, and Rikkyo University will adopt it by the free selection examination of the College of Intercultural Communication and the Faculty of Business Administration, and the general entrance examination of all faculties. I am.In addition, Chuo University has a special entrance examination for English proficiency in the Faculty of Law and Business Administration. Kansai Gakuin University will use the center of all faculties for entrance exams, Kansai University will use the recommended entrance exams for foreign language faculties, and Nanzan University will use all faculties and all departments for unified entrance exams.

Source:[Eiken Foundation of Japan] 4 Skill-type Academic English Proficiency Test "TEAP" Total number of applicants for the first time this year 1% compared to the same time last year, about 162 (PDF)

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