Goldman Sachs, one of the world's leading financial institutions, is conducting a long-term practical internship project "SME Management Innovation Program" in collaboration with NPO corporation ETIC. ..

 SMEs, which account for more than 99% of all Japanese companies, have excellent technology and support the Japanese economy while continuing to take on advanced challenges.An increasing number of companies are fighting the world instead of subcontracting.The program is registered with 50 excellent small and medium-sized enterprises that "want to take on the challenge of management innovation" and "want to take on new initiatives with young people" recommended by the NPO corporation ETIC. * increase.

 Participants in this program are university students, graduate students, or young working adults under the age of 28 who are aiming to start a business or run a business. After learning the attitude necessary for working and how to work that produces results, as a practical version, I was dispatched to a small and medium-sized company registered in the program for a long period of 3 months, and worked on solving problems with the management. We will challenge management innovation.

 In this program, each participant will be assigned a coordinator in charge, who will provide advice on how to choose an internship destination, discuss concerns during the internship period, and set up the next step after the internship.

* NPO corporation ETIC. Is an NPO that aims to foster entrepreneurial leaders and create innovation in society by providing opportunities to young people.We are coordinating internships with venture companies and promoting projects to support the challenges of young people in various regions of Japan.

Source:[NPO corporation ETIC.] What is Goldman Sachs SME Management Innovation Program?

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