From the source

From the source

Sony Music Group has announced that it will hold an internship program this fall in collaboration with the musician training creative course festival "SONIC ACADEMY FES 2015".
Participants in the internship attended a special lecture at Sonia Cafes on October 10rd, with the theme of "Entertainment and Business Now and Human Resources" by Mr. Manabu Tsujino, the representative of Sony Music Records. The content is to present your ideas to the instructor himself through the work experience of planning the entertainment business in the future.

This is a hands-on internship program that does not end with just listening to thinking about the present and future of the entertainment business with the representative of the music label of Sony Music Group, which develops various entertainment businesses centered on music.

In addition, Sonia Cafes is a "musician training creative course festival" proposed by Sony Music's music school "Sonic Academy", and Sony Music Entertainment directly gives the know-how of music production and the voice of the creator. It is held based on the concept of delivery.

Participant qualifications for this internship are "(2017) Those who are enrolled in a university, graduate school, or vocational school scheduled to join the company in April 4 (20) Those who can participate in all programs during the period", and the number of applicants is about XNUMX. is.

There is no doubt that Sony Music will have a major impact on the entertainment industry this fall.If you are interested, why don't you come visit us?

Source:[Sony Music Entertainment] Soniaca Internship Program 2015

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