NPO media "ganas", which specializes in developing countries and international cooperation, will hold a practical reporter internship "Basic Journalist Course in Cambodia" in Cambodia for a week from the end of February 2016.We are currently looking for participants. (Application deadline January 2, 1)

 "Basic journalist course in Cambodia" actually goes to Cambodia, interviews local people and things by themselves, and writes articles.The instructor is Mr. Daiji Nagamitsu, the editor-in-chief of "ganas" who also participated in the launch of the Japanese media "NNA" in Thailand and the Philippines.We will teach you one-on-one how to hold the viewpoint when interviewing and how to write articles.The interviewee will be decided based on the needs of the participants, such as in poor areas and BOP business sites, and during the week of the period, we will interview every day and write articles every day.The article I wrote will be posted on the official page of "ganas" with a signature.

Participation in the course is for working adults and university students, with a capacity of 8 people.The fee is 16 yen for general students and 8000 yen for students (excluding travel expenses, visa acquisition expenses, and insurance fees).Free information sessions on the course will be held on December 14, 8000, December 2015, December 12, and January 1, 12 at JICA Global Plaza (Ichigaya).Participation in the free information session is accepted on the "ganas" Facebook page.

また、カンボジアのほか、ミャンマー(期間:2016年2月14日~2月20日 、申込締め切り2016年1月14日)、フィリピン(期間:2016年3月13日~3月21日、申込締め切り2016年2月12日)での講座の開催も予定しています。

Source: [Development media ganas] Early bird discount until 12/28 Recruitment of participants for the practical reporter internship "Basic Journalist Course in Cambodia"! "

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