Works Applications Co., Ltd. started the practical internship program "Exturnship" on October 2015, 10, in which students develop and consult business applications for existing NPO corporations.

 The period of "Exturnship" is about two and a half months from October 2015, 10 to the end of December 14.Approximately 12 students who have achieved excellent grades in the internship * of Works Applications * will participate in the NPO and NPO Smile Style, which support and cooperate with the purpose of the externship. We also design, develop and consult business applications.Students will acquire the "value of working" such as the difficulty of providing value to the world, the enjoyment of work, and the motivation of working by utilizing the abilities cultivated during the internship and engaging in actual business. Is the purpose.

 Under the supervision of an engineer at Works Applications, the program sets up a student-only project team to not only design and develop products, but also actually receive feedback from customers to improve products and provide consulting.Experience the actual business process, such as solving problems by making full use of communication skills and deep assumptions that understand customer needs.

* The internship at Works Applications Co., Ltd. is a full-scale ability-discovery internship in which approximately 8 students from all over the world apply every year.Develop the ability to think thoroughly about the challenges faced in actual business, grasp the essence of things, and embody ideals. During the 20-day internship period, students who are evaluated to have the same ability as employees will be given a special incentive of 50 yen and an "entry pass" that allows them to join the company at any time for any period of time.

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