From December 2021th to 12th, 16, the Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, Azabu University conducted practical training on wild animals at the Azabu University Fieldwork Center in Misato Town, Shimane Prefecture.

 Misato Town, Shimane Prefecture, which advocates the "Misato Valley Concept", a version of Silicon Valley that leads Japan in measures against bird and beast damage and the efforts of residents, is working on regional revitalization by voluntarily gathering industry, government, academia and the private sector.Azabu University plays a central role in the cooperation of the Misato Valley Initiative together with the "Ochiyama Whale Research Institute" in Misato Town, and in April 2021 opened the Azabu University Fieldwork Center.

 This time, 12 undergraduate students and 2 graduate students practiced at the fieldwork center.In the "Biodiversity Fieldwork Exercise" course of the Department of Environmental Sciences, I learned the basics of various initiatives and fieldwork in Misato Town over a five-day period, coordinated by Assistant Professor Kozue Nitta of the Faculty of Life Sciences.

 In the training, we observed the process of slaughtered wild boars captured at a slaughterhouse to become meat and the processing of canned wild boar meat.We received explanations about measures to protect farmland from wild boars and monkeys at farmers who are implementing measures against wildlife damage, and the production of leather products using wild boar skins by the women's association.

 In fieldwork, we search for traces of animals, install and collect sensor cameras (infrared automatic photographing devices), and learn behavior and survey methods.In addition, we learned about environmental management in comprehensive bird and beast damage countermeasures at a place called "Forest School" where the bushes and shrubs that were used as feeding grounds and hiding places for wild animals were cut down and became a space for local children. A plant survey was conducted and compared with the results of the plant survey the day before.

 Through various practical trainings, the students learned about the practice of countermeasures that take advantage of the nature of wild animals, and realized the importance of the connection between nature and people in Misato Town.Azabu University will continue to collaborate with the local community and utilize the fieldwork center for education and research.

Reference: [Azabu University] Department of Environmental Science, Azabu University begins practical training in Misato Town, Shimane Prefecture 

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