According to a survey by Mynavi (Headquarters, Tokyo, President Nobuyuki Nakagawa) of the comprehensive service industry, the employment rate of university students and graduate students scheduled to graduate in 2016 was 8% at the end of August.Due to the postponement of the job hunting schedule from this year, the rate was lower than the same period of the previous year until the end of July, but the number of companies that issue a job hunting in August increased at a stretch, and at the end of August it finally decreased by 69.1 points from the same month of the previous year. It became average.


According to the report, the fixed rate of 8% at the end of August, which is the official start month of selection activities, increased by 69.1 points from the previous month, indicating that the selection of companies has progressed in earnest in August.The average number of privately owned companies increased by 12.1 points from the previous month to 8 companies.Many students received unofficial decisions from multiple companies, which was the highest average number of companies owned this year.However, it seems that companies must prepare for future withdrawal.

Looking at the types of companies with the highest intention to join the company at the moment, the financial relations increased by 4.7 points to 13.1%, and the government-related relations increased by 2.8 points to 4.1%. increasing.In terms of employee size, companies with more than 8 employees increased by 5,000 points to 7.0%, indicating that the selection of large-scale companies has progressed at once.

Of the unofficially fixed holders, 68.4% answered that they would end their job hunting.However, including undecided students, 52.0% of students will continue their activities in the future.Job hunting this year is likely to continue for a while, as it is expected that there will be a series of undecided declines.

Source:[Mynavi Corporation] Announced "2016 Graduation Mynavi University Student Employment Job Hunting Rate Survey"

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