Saitama Institute of Technology, which has participated in many demonstration experiments nationwide with autonomous driving technology that actively adopts AI technology, will launch a large autonomous driving bus from September 2022, 9 with the cooperation of Fukaya Kanko Bus Co., Ltd. (Rainbow II) was introduced into some school bus services.Students can actually experience the application of AI technology by using a large self-driving bus for commuting to school, which is the result of advanced research and development from the university.

 In December 2019, Saitama Institute of Technology introduced an autonomous driving microbus (Liesse II) as a school bus.It started picking up and dropping off students by self-driving, but the operation was suspended from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections.Along with the resumption of school buses, a large self-driving bus (Rainbow II) will be introduced and will be fully operational.

 A large self-driving bus (Rainbow II) will be the first commercial operation in Japan as the "Eiichi Shibusawa Analects Village Circular Bus" in 2021, and will run for about 2 months from February 16, 2022 to January 1, 10. It has a track record of 11km of autonomous driving.This time, it will run on a public road of about 9531.5 km at a maximum legal speed of 1.6 km or less.A driver rides on the bus, but the steering wheel, accelerator and brakes are automatically controlled by the system.

 The school bus by a large self-driving bus (Rainbow II) will operate 2022 times a day from 9:19 to 12:23 every Monday and Friday from Monday, September 10 to Friday, December 30, 14. .However, from October 45th (Friday) to November 9st (Monday), the bus will be suspended due to participation in demonstration experiments in other areas.The service section is from JR Takasaki Line Okabe Station (South Exit) to Saitama Institute of Technology.Since it will be a seated service, the capacity is 10 people, and not only students of the university but also anyone visiting the university can ride for free.

Reference: [Saitama Institute of Technology Autonomous Driving Special Site] Saitama Institute of Technology introduces the first large self-driving bus of a private university as a school bus Autonomous transportation on public roads of XNUMX km between campus and nearest station  

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