Showa Women's University renewed its main gate as a culmination of its 100th anniversary project.The delicate structure of the gate, reminiscent of the cherry blossoms on the school emblem, is characterized by its design that opens and closes in an elegant arc.Yuko Nagayama, an alumnus and architect, was in charge of the design.

 The design concept of the main gate, which was renewed this time, is not to separate the inside from the outside, but to “connect” the world with the world inside the university.The delicate structure of the gate, which resembles white lace, draws an arc each time it is opened and closed, and warmly welcomes visitors of all ages and nationalities. The design that envelops the light, like the university's mission to "become the light of the world", can be used as a "pocket park" with plants that change their expressions with the seasons when the gate is closed.

 Mr. Nagayama, who worked on the design, graduated from Showa Women's University, Faculty of Life Science, Department of Life Aesthetics (currently: Faculty of Environmental Design, Department of Environmental Design) in 1998. Currently, the Panasonic Pavilion " He is active in Japan and overseas, such as being in charge of Nomo no Kuni.He has also worked on Showa Women's University Student Hall so far.

 In designing this time, Mr. Nagayama said, ``I had an issue when I was in school, ``I built a student hall at the front gate, and it is a women's university with the image of a secret garden. As a gate to connect society and the university, I am happy to be able to give shape to that idea now.” .

Reference: [Showa Women's University] Renewal of the main gate as a culmination of the 100th anniversary project Designed by graduate Yuko Nagayama 

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