At Osaka International University, volunteer activities "Assist Kansai International Airport Volunteer 25" (abbreviation: AKV25) to assist tourists from overseas who use Kansai International Airport by utilizing the knowledge and language skills acquired by students will be held in 2015. It will be implemented from October of the year.This attempt is the first attempt at Kansai International Airport with the aim of entertaining tourists from overseas, which is rapidly increasing, mainly in China, Taiwan, and South Korea.

 At the university, students registered in the student English conversation club "ESS" and "Volunteer Bank" have been involved in various fields such as interaction with international students, tourist guides for foreigners, and volunteer activities overseas. We are active, and we hope that AKV25 will be an extension of these activities and will be an opportunity for students to acquire the knowledge, experience, and background required of working adults and international students.

 For the time being, we will dispatch about 25 students from both undergraduate and junior college departments, and will carry out continuous volunteer activities once or twice a month.In the future, we will create a system in which many students can participate by incorporating it into the curriculum of the lessons.

 As the first step in the activities of AKV25, volunteer students will visit Japan on October 2015rd (Sat) and 10th (Sun), 3, when many Chinese tourists will visit Japan during the national holiday of China. , At the international arrival lobby on the 4st floor of the Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 Building, we plan to provide assistance such as guiding and providing information in front of the information center and guidance near the limousine bus stop.

Source:[Osaka International University] Osaka International University students will start volunteering "Assisting at KIX as a Volunteer 25" at Kansai International Airport from October (PDF)

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