Professor Akiyasu Tomoe of the Faculty of Informatics, Kansai University and Takako Sasaki, a visiting researcher of the Advanced Science and Technology Agency, have started a demonstration experiment on the mobile sales business "PARADE MARKET" jointly with AEON MALL Co., Ltd.

 On July 2023, 7 (Thursday), AEON MALL opened "FULALI KYOBASHI" as a temporary facility until redevelopment on the site of "AEON Kyobashi Store" in Miyakojima Ward, Osaka City.As a new store format different from shopping malls, we are developing a mobile sales business “PARADE MARKET”.AEON MALL will jointly conduct demonstration experiments with Kansai University using this facility for the new development of this business, which provides mobile sales vehicles and store space rental services.

 Due to its convenience, mobile sales vehicles can be used in places where people gather, such as business districts on weekdays and shopping malls on weekends.However, sales are affected by various factors such as store location, time of day, weather, products, etc., making it a very difficult problem to predict.

 In this demonstration experiment, we will collect basic data using a mathematical model and search for the optimal sales route in order to "deliver the store to the required place at the required time" and "maximize the sales of the rental mobile sales vehicle".

Reference: [Kansai University] Joint research by Kansai University and AEON MALL Co., Ltd. ■Started demonstration experiment of new mobile sales business "PARADE MARKET" ~ Setting the optimal route using a mathematical model.Delivering stores when and where they are needed ~ (PDF)

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