Continuing from 2022, the Mynavi University Admissions Research Institute will conduct a "University Awareness/Image Survey" to ascertain the awareness and image of each university, targeting approximately 3 third-year high school students (scheduled to graduate in March 2024) nationwide. We conducted a survey to study.Number of valid responses: 3.

 The survey was conducted by dividing the nation's 47 prefectures into six areas: Hokkaido/Tohoku, Kanto/Koshinetsu, Tokai/Hokuriku, Kansai, Chugoku/Shikoku, and Kyushu/Okinawa.The recognition ranking by area is
In the Hokkaido/Tohoku area, 1st place was ``Hokkaido University,'' 2nd place was ``Tohoku University,'' 3rd place was ``Sapporo University,'' 4th place was ``Hirosaki University,'' and 5th place was ``Hokkaido University of Education.''Kanto/Koshinetsu: 1st place: ``Waseda University'', 2nd place: ``Aoyama Gakuin University'', 3rd place: ``Nihon University'', 4th place: ``The University of Tokyo'', 5th place: ``Sophia University''.Tokai-Hokuriku ranked 1st place: Chukyo University, 2nd place: Nagoya University, 3rd place: Meijo University, 4th place: Aichi University, and 5th place: Nanzan University.

 In the Kansai area, 1st place was ``Kinki University'', 2nd place was ``Ritsumeikan University'', 3rd place was ``Kansai University'', 4th place was ``Doshisha University'', and 5th place was ``Kyoto University''.Chugoku/Shikoku: 1st place ``Okayama University'', 2nd place ``Hiroshima University'' (1st place), 3rd place ``Yamaguchi University'', 4th place ``Kagawa University'', 5th place ``Ehime University''.Kyushu/Okinawa came in 1st place, ``Fukuoka University,'' 2nd place, ``Kyushu University,'' 3rd place, ``Kumamoto University,'' 4th place, ``Nagasaki University,'' and 5th place, ``Saga University.''

 Private universities occupied the top three spots in the Kanto/Koshinetsu and Kansai areas. ``Hokkaido University of Education'' has significantly improved its ranking, from 3th place last time to 12th place, and ``Saga University'' from 5th place last time to 10th place.Aoyama Gakuin University, which is ranked 5nd in recognition in the Kanto/Koshinetsu area, also ranked 2st in the image category ``matching the times,'' and established Japan's first ``Department of Human Rights'' in April 1. This seems to have something to do with the evaluation.

 In addition, in the image ranking for ``matching the times,'' the top lineup has changed since the last time, with Kansai University in particular moving up significantly from 7th place last time to 2nd place.In addition to the university-wide "AI/Data Science Education Program," Kansai University is also developing its own educational program for the purpose of training advanced data scientists.In addition, Kumamoto University, which will establish the "Information Fusion Academic Initiative" in April 2024, has moved from not ranking in the previous ranking to 4th, and Ritsumeikan University, which will develop a campus with the aim of merging the real and virtual in April 4, has also moved from the previous ranking to 2024th place. He moved up from 4th to 8th place.

 The most frequently cited image item that had a strong influence on students' consideration of their preferred school was ``It has a rich academic content.''In order to improve the image of high school students who are about to choose their career path, in addition to whether universities can provide fulfilling learning, it is thought that initiatives that match the times, such as establishing new advanced departments and introducing curriculum, will be important factors.

Reference: [Mynavi Advancement Research Institute] University recognition and image survey

Hokkaido University

Strong cooperation with industry and regions "Practical science unique to Hokkaido University" leads the world

The origin of Hokkaido University dates back to Sapporo Agricultural College, which was established in 1876.Throughout its long history, we have cultivated the basic principles of "frontier spirit," "cultivating internationality," "education for all," and "emphasis on practical studies."Based on this philosophy, he has a high level of academic background that is internationally accepted, and has accurate judgment and a leader […].

Chukyo University

Fostering human resources with a wide range of education, deep knowledge, and practical skills who can play an active role in the international community

One of the leading comprehensive universities in Japan with 10 faculties and 20 departments.We are promoting the improvement of educational and research capabilities, social cooperation, internationalization, and strengthening of graduate cooperation.A lithe intellectual who can think and act on his own, build a further hall of fame for academics and sports, and acquire the ability, practical ability, and rich humanity to play an active role in the real world […]

Waseda University

Reform with the aim of "WASEDA shining in the world" with research, education, and contribution as the three pillars

Waseda University has created an unparalleled environment in which all students can hone their ability to take on unanswered issues based on the three founding principles of "independence of academics, utilization of academics, and creation of model people."Aiming to be a world-class university with unwavering international competitiveness, "WASEDA that shines in the world," "Waseda for research" and "[…] for education.

Fukuoka University

A variety of education and a wide range of education unique to a comprehensive university that gathers on one campus

Founded in 1934, Fukuoka University is one of the leading comprehensive universities in western Japan, with 9 faculties, 31 departments, 10 graduate schools, and about 20,000 people gathered on one campus.A variety of departments work together to provide unique and highly specialized educational programs."Liberal arts seminars" and modern society to learn with a small number of people […]

Kinki University

Master true "practical science" at Japan's largest comprehensive university.Flowering various talents

Kinki University has established the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and the Faculty of Correspondence Education, and practices "practical education" in all faculties.By promoting many industry-academia collaboration projects and combining cross-disciplinary expertise and skills, faculty members and students are united to acquire the knowledge and skills to solve various contemporary issues. 2 […]

Okayama University

Promote the creation of an environment and system that can fly as a practitioner who can play an active role globally

A national university with 150 faculties, 10 graduate schools, and 7 research institutes, which is about 4 years old.Based on the results of advanced research activities, we can cultivate the ability of students to participate in "creation of knowledge" independently, and foster a rich humanity through close dialogues and discussions between students and faculty members. In a wide range of fields both domestically and internationally […]

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