The Hospital Art Seminar, taught by Professor Yutaka Moriguchi of the Department of Cultural Design, Faculty of Letters, Kindai University, will hold a "Men's Makeup Seminar" for male students at Kindai University on Thursday, September 2023, 9, in cooperation with Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. ” will be held.

 The "Men's Makeup Seminar" is based on the philosophy of "Supporting people's health and well-being through the power of art and design" advocated by the Hospital Art Seminar of Kindai University's Faculty of Letters, and Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd.'s "Through the power of beauty. It was decided to hold a ``Men's Makeup Seminar'' because the idea of ​​``creating a society where everyone can live their own life'' is consistent.

 In addition to conducting and managing the seminar, students in the Hospital Art Seminar will investigate and analyze the application status and post-event survey results, and make proposals to Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. for the development of future men's makeup products. .

 The ``Men's Makeup Seminar'' provided by Shiseido is a makeup seminar for men that introduces tips on how to bring out your unique charm through skin care and makeup, and will be held for 30 male students from Kindai University who have applied in advance. The social image that ``makeup is something women do'' is deep-rooted, and even if they want to try it, they hesitate because ``I don't know where to start'' or ``I don't know what method is best for me.'' Advise male students on how to apply makeup.

 Under the supervision of Shiseido's top hair and makeup artist, Tadashi Harada, the seminar will teach how anyone can easily apply natural makeup that brings out their own charm, based on men's beauty theory derived from Shiseido's many years of beauty knowledge. introduction.We teach techniques for ``self-production'' such as base makeup that naturally covers skin concerns, how to draw eyebrows, and eye makeup using eyeliner and eyeshadow, and support each individual in realizing ``the person they want to be.'' .

Reference: [Kinki University] "Men's Makeup Seminar" held for male students at Kindai University In collaboration with Shiseido Japan, introduce the fun of makeup regardless of gender

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