Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., the University of Tokyo Press, and Maruzen Co., Ltd. jointly provide original teaching materials that match the teaching styles of university faculty members in optimal media such as paper and electronic "university / university faculty members." Announced the start of "teaching material development support service for students".

 Dai Nippon Printing develops and provides systems for the production and distribution of teaching materials, the University of Tokyo Press handles teaching material editing, teaching material production and related copyright processing, and Maruzen sells teaching materials. It is a mechanism to bear each.

 Currently, at universities, the educational environment is changing due to the spread of active learning, and while the frequency of use and sales of university textbooks is decreasing, faculty members create original teaching materials according to the content of the lectures and make them students. The number of cases of distribution is increasing.However, it is a heavy burden for teachers to process the copyright of the content used in the production of teaching materials and distribute it, and there is a need for a service that consistently produces, publishes, sells, and distributes original teaching materials.In response to the needs of these university faculty members, the three companies have decided to utilize their respective strengths to start teaching material development support services for universities and university faculty members.

 The service provides production support systems such as a web submission system for teaching materials production and a simple editing system, as well as support for editing, proofreading, and copyright processing.The produced teaching materials can be provided as either paper books or e-books that utilize print-on-demand according to the lesson.In addition, we will attach an ISBN code (international standard book number) to the teaching materials and support sales in the publishing market other than classes as a research result of teachers.

 In the future, we will further enhance services such as the use and analysis tools of e-books and the construction of a teaching material bank that collects and provides a large number of copyright-clear contents, and at the same time, we will use Maruzen as a window for faculty members and universities (educational institutions). We will sell it and aim for annual sales of 1 million yen.

Source:[Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.] Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. The University of Tokyo Press Maruzen Started providing teaching material development support services for university faculty members

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