Saitama Institute of Technology has opened the "Clean Energy Technology Development Center", which aims to respond to global environmental issues that are becoming a global issue and solve regional issues through technological innovation as an industrial university, and will begin full-scale activities from April 2024. Start.

 As climate change due to the progress of global warming is becoming increasingly serious in many parts of the world, the prices of resources and energy are soaring, raising concerns about stable supplies. Fukaya City, where Saitama Institute of Technology is located, has agriculture as its core industry, but there are various problems faced by agriculture.

 Therefore, Saitama Institute of Technology opened the "Clean Energy Technology Development Center," and researchers in environmental fields such as biomass and storage batteries collaborate to develop clean energy technology. We will continue to create value and brand value.

 The "Clean Energy Technology Development Center" is a new research department under the direct control of the president, with eight researchers specializing in environment and energy related fields within the university in three departments: biomass department, decarbonization technology development department, and battery technology development department. Promote research through affiliation and collaboration. In addition, core research equipment such as storage batteries will be installed in the Manufacturing Research Building* as an activity base for research and development.

 On March 2024, 3, a ceremony to commemorate the opening of the Clean Energy Technology Development Center and a commemorative lecture will be held, with Mayor Susumu Kojima, Mayor Shinji Harada, Mayor Hideatsu Takatan, Representative Director of Fukaya e-Power Co., Ltd., Environment, Energy A large number of related parties, including related researchers, business people, and local government officials, attended.

*The Manufacturing Research Building is a research facility built with the theme of "creating new value" as one of the commemorative projects for the school's 110th anniversary. The facility employs a natural ventilation system using cool heat tubes, making full use of the natural energies of Light, Wind, and Earth.The facility has a laboratory equipped with the latest equipment, as well as a space for students to interact with each other. It has various functions such as a space for interaction with the local community.

reference:[Saitama Institute of Technology] Clean Energy Technology Development Center opened at our university

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