On February 2019, 2, the Tohoku University Career Support Center was enrolled to let you know the current flow of job hunting activities of university students who are different from their parents' generation, and the attitude of students who are about to enter the job hunting period as parents. We held a "Job Hunting Course for Parents-Current Job Hunting Different from Parents-" for parents of students.

 In April 2006, Tohoku University established the Career Support Center on the Kawauchi Kita Campus and the Advanced Innovation Doctoral Human Resources Development Center on the Aobayama Campus, and started career development support by university-wide organizations.After that, with the establishment of the Advanced Liberal Arts Education and Student Support Organization in April 4, the Career Support Center and the Advanced Innovation Doctoral Human Resources Development Center were integrated to create a new Career Support Center.Currently, the Career Support Center has set up a planning and development unit that plans and implements seminars, workshops, and fairs, a student counseling unit that provides individual consultation, and an advanced innovation doctoral human resource development unit to support the careers of students. ing.

 In the lecture, Mr. Kenichi Tada, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Recruit Career Co., Ltd. will be invited as a lecturer to give a lecture on the current procedure and schedule of job hunting, how to support students as a guardian, and so on.After that, Associate Professor Osamu Takahashi of the Career Support Center explained the career paths of graduates and graduates of Tohoku University and the activities of the Career Support Center.In addition, a career support center counselor also held an individual counseling session to answer the individual questions of parents.The next course is scheduled to start at 2019:6 on Saturday, June 1, 10.

Reference: [Tohoku University] Job hunting course for parents-current job hunting different from the parent generation-was held

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