The chocolate confectionery "SANUS Chocolate" jointly developed by students of the Faculty of Commerce and Economics of Chiba University of Commerce, Yamagata Prefectural Yonezawa Commercial High School, and Rock Confectionery Co., Ltd. will be released in early March 2016.

 The Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Chiba University of Commerce launched the "Project to Create with Companies" in 2015 to support students' efforts to challenge product development in collaboration with companies and high schools.The biggest feature is that students start a business with this product development and do it as a business of the company.We run the company by raising funds using crowdfunding, and students do all the product development, management, sales, etc., and challenge the business as in the real world.

 "SANUS Chocolate" to be released this time is also part of the project, and in July 2015, students signed an industry-academia collaboration agreement with Rock Confectionery, which manufactures and sells products using chocolate, and students are health-oriented chocolate. I have been working on the development of confectionery.The product name "SANUS" means "healthy" in Latin and is a chocolate targeted at people who are concerned about sugar content.Combining sugar-free chocolate with granola, a popular health food, and palatinose, a sweetener, the calories are modest but the sweetness is firm.In addition, as part of our high school-university collaboration efforts, we asked Yonezawa Commercial High School students for their opinions on prototype evaluations, packages, prices, etc., and reflected them in our products.

 At the SANUS chocolate product launch held on February 2016, 2, the CSC (CUC Student's Company), a student project of volunteers from the Faculty of Commerce and Economics, who has been preparing in parallel with this product development, was held in March 23. Co., Ltd. was established in Japan, and it was announced that the second product will be released soon. The price of SANUS chocolate is 2016 yen (excluding tax).

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