Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo and Ochanomizu University opened a nursery school-type certified child institution "Municipal Ochanomizu University Children's Garden" on April 4 in Otsuka 1-chome, Bunkyo-ku. increase.The founder is Bunkyo Ward, operated by Ochanomizu University, and accepts children from 2 years old.

 According to Ochanomizu University, the garden is a two-story steel structure with a total area of ​​2 square meters. There will be a 530-year-old child's room, a 1-0-year-old child's room, a cooking room, a milk preparation room on the 1st floor, and a 2-2-year-old childcare room, a multipurpose room, and a picture book corner on the 3nd floor.The maximum number of people that can be accepted is 5 for 0-year-olds, 6 for 1-year-olds, 10 for 2-year-olds, 11 for 3- to 5-year-olds, and 11 for kindergartens, for a total of 93 people.It is the first nursery school type certified child institution in Bunkyo Ward, and the facility has already been completed.

 Ochanomizu University has developed an educational curriculum for children aged 0, and is committed to nurturing a rich heart through traditional Japanese events and seasonal events, as well as creating an environment where children can grow up in their own way.

 Bunkyo Ward is said to have the fewest waiting-list children among the 23 wards, but as of April 2015, 4, there were 1 waiting-list children, and the childcare service utilization rate for preschool children was 69%. Although the number of waiting children has decreased by 35.6 compared to April 2014, it is still difficult to enter as the age decreases.For this reason, Bunkyo Ward has been expanding the amount of childcare services to exceed 4 people in the five years since 35, but as a further measure, we decided to establish a children's garden by utilizing the university grounds.

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