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Factors influencing female students’ decision to enter science majors investigated by Shintaro Yamada D&I Foundation 

 The Shintaro Yamada D&I Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation, has partnered with Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC to develop a large […]

“University awareness/image survey” among third-year high school students Private universities rank in the top 3 in Kanto, Koshinetsu, and Kansai areas Mynavi Academic Advancement Research Institute

 Continuing from 2022, the Mynavi Academic Advancement Research Institute will continue to provide guidance to approximately 3 high school third-year students (scheduled to graduate in March 2024) across the country at various universities […]

Gen Z's job change doubled from 5 years ago, while career building is generalist-oriented Recruit survey

 Recruit Co., Ltd. has compiled a survey on the work attitudes of Generation Z (aged 26 and under).This survey is mainly for the 2022 survey date […]

``Characteristics of the organization you want to work for'' for 2024 graduates Hope for wet human relations and close communication

 Recruit Co., Ltd.'s Employment Future Research Institute, a research institute that pursues better employment and employment methods, is a research institute that pursues better employment and employment methods.

One in five high school students has two smartphones, and the average number of SNS accounts is 5.

 The career information media “Study Sapuri Career” provided by Recruit Co., Ltd. is a high school student editor and official LI of the Study Sapuri editorial department.

Nationwide student survey shows that foreign languages ​​are unpopular even though they acquire knowledge in specialized fields

 While many university and junior college students across the country say that they have acquired knowledge that will lead to their specialized field and future work through classes at universities and junior colleges, foreign languages ​​[…]

Yokohama City University, women's housework time increases when children are born Husband is about half of wife's housework time

 A research group led by Associate Professor Hiroshi Hara of the Yokohama City University Graduate School of International Management targeted 1 married and child-rearing generation households living in Yokohama […]

About half of high school and university students who are looking for part-time jobs on SNS and recognize the danger Mynavi nationwide survey

 44.8% of high school students and 52.3% of university students are aware of the dangers of illegal work such as dark part-time jobs when searching for part-time jobs through SNS […]

DISCO Survey on Career Awareness and Job Hunting of Japanese International Students Studying at Overseas Universities

 DISCO Co., Ltd. conducted a survey of regular international students, exchange students, and dispatched students studying at overseas universities about their views on careers and job hunting activities.Research versus […]

Log data analysis of a total of 2022 students for on-demand classes in 1 Kindai University

 When Kinki University analyzed the log data of students who watched on-demand classes in 2022, many switched the viewing speed from low to high […]
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