List of articles for university entrance exams

Tokyo metropolitan high school entrance guidance schools, from 2023 to 7 schools including Hibiya

 The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education has announced that the current designation period for schools with priority guidance for entering higher education will end in 2022, and the guidelines for entering metropolitan high schools from 2023 will be […]

Limited to those involved, Chiba University, Chiba Institute of Technology, and Reitaku University's "University Entrance Examination Study Group" will be streamed live on October 10

 From 2022:10 on October 4, 13 (Tuesday), the Arrow Educational Research Institute will join three universities in Chiba Prefecture that are strong in science and engineering, "Chiba University" and "Chiba Institute of Technology."

Mynavi Advancement Research Institute conducts "University Recognition and Image Survey" for the first time for high 3 students

 The “Mynavi Advancement Research Institute”, a site specializing in research and information dissemination on the career choices of high school students operated by Mynavi Co., Ltd., has 20 […]

Tokyo asks the government to review restrictions on university enrollment in Tokyo's 23 wards

 In a letter in the name of Governor Yuriko Koike, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government issued a letter to the government minister in charge of the Digital Garden City National Concept, Naoki Okada.

Kojimachi Gakuen Girls' Junior and Senior High School, Seijo University, Japan Women's University, and Tokyo Women's University hold "Campus Visit"

 Kojimachi Gakuen Women's Junior and Senior High School currently consists of 6 universities (Toyo University / Tokyo Women's University / Kyoritsu Women's University / Kagawa Nutrition University / Seijo University / Japan Women's University) […]

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology selects and publishes 18 good examples of university entrance examinations

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology selected 18 cases nationwide such as Kanazawa University's "KUGS Special Entrance Examination" and "Chozen Special Entrance Examination" as good examples of university entrance […]

2023 enrollment quota for national universities to increase by 87, including 106 in science and engineering

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced at the end of August that the number of students enrolled in national universities in fiscal 2023 will increase by 106 from the previous year to 9.Man […]

Recruiting university student monitors for the common test for university entrance and prototype problems after 2025

 The University Entrance Examination Center will recruit university student monitors for the university entrance common test prototype questions from the 2025 academic year onwards. Monitor to be implemented in November […]

Kinki University Correspondence Education Department Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Yakushima Ozora High School for High School-University Collaboration Improving the University Enrollment Rate of Correspondence High School Graduates

 On July 2022, 7, the Kinki University Correspondence Education Department signed a memorandum of understanding with Yakushima Ozora High School, a wide-area correspondence high school.Communication system […]

Jissen Women's University, high school girls and examinees open the university library for free until December 12th

 Jissen Women's University and Jissen Women's University Junior College began to open the Hino and Shibuya campus libraries free of charge in June 2022.High school or pre-[…]
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