List of articles for university entrance exams

The 2035-year-old population in 18 will be approximately 97, predicted by Recruit Advancement Research Institute

 The 2035-year-old population in 18 will be approximately 97 nationwide, a decrease of 2023 from approximately 109.7 in 12.7, according to Recruit […]

A special lecture will be held in Tokyo on March 3th (Sunday) to introduce the appeal of Tohoku University's Faculty of Engineering.

 Tohoku University's Faculty of Engineering will hold a special lecture for high school students in Tokyo on March 3th (Sunday) in order to let young people in the metropolitan area know about the appeal of the department.

Osaka University publishes “will” book to encourage female students to junior high and high school girls

 Osaka University has published a public relations booklet called ``Will'' that conveys the appeal of the university to female junior high and high school students. The content is a message of encouragement from female students to junior high and high school students, divided by grade […]

Governor Yoshimura announces Osaka Public University to introduce fall admission for graduate schools with the aim of 2027

 At the 2024th Deputy Capital Promotion Headquarters (Osaka Prefecture and City) meeting on February 2, 9, Governor Yoshimura announced that Osaka Public University will be set for the second interim target period (13 […]

Average score on university entrance common test hits record low for subjects such as politics and economics

The average score for "Politics and Economics" in the common university entrance test held on January 2024 and 1, 13, including the predecessor National Center Test for University Admissions, was the highest in the past [...]

StudySapuri surveyed current high school seniors, 3% finished their entrance exams by the end of the year, and the budget for what they want to do before entering university is 44.1 yen

 Career information media “Study Sapuri Career” provided by Recruit Co., Ltd. is a high school student editor and official L […]

Kitasato University Faculty of Health Sciences will provide all new students with the full amount equivalent to the entrance fee and first-year tuition fees.Additional entrance exam (comprehensive selection exam) will also be provided.

 At Kitasato University, in April 2024, the new Faculty of Health Sciences (Department of Nursing/Department of Medical Laboratory Studies) will be established on the Niigata Campus (Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture).

Just under 5% of ronin students say, ``There was a university that I was accepted to during my active career.'' The biggest problem with ronin life is ``loneliness,'' research by Study Plus

 In October 2023, Studyplus Trend Institute of Studyplus Co., Ltd. will be working with Ronin students who are working hard every day to study for entrance exams […]

Nagasaki University of Science and Technology makes tuition fees completely free for doctoral courses and approximately 8% exemption for master's courses

 For the purpose of training advanced engineers and supporting their studies, Nagasaki University of Science and Technology offers full tuition fees for doctoral programs at graduate schools, and approximately 8% exemption for master's programs […]

Kanazawa Institute of Technology: Examination fee free for applicants from areas covered by the Disaster Relief Act; General Examination A held at 26 venues nationwide

 Kanazawa Institute of Technology was a disaster-affected area affected by the Reiwa 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake that occurred on January 1, 1 […]
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