List of articles for university entrance exams

Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education Starts Call for Opinions on Program to Improve Attractiveness of Metropolitan High Schools

 The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education has put together a proposal for an action program aimed at improving the appeal of metropolitan high schools, and has started soliciting opinions from Tokyo residents.Based on the opinions received […]

Kyoto University Faculty of Science Holds Event "Kyoto University Faculty of Science Guide" for Female High School Students Recruiting Participants

 On Sunday, March 2023, 3, Kyoto University will hold an event "Kyoto University Faculty of Science Guide" for female high school students who are interested in the Faculty of Science.U […]

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology requests a different schedule, etc.

 In response to a series of posts on SNS that agitate university entrance examination students to be molested, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology asked national, public and private universities nationwide to actually be molested […]

International college of technology reports on the career paths of the first batch of international colleges of technology

 Kokusai College of Technology in Ishikawa Prefecture is a 15-year higher education institution that aims to become a global innovator from the age of 5 after graduating from junior high school. In 2018, Kanazawa […]

Released new book “University Guide 2024 for Disabled Persons” Supporting university selection for students with disabilities

 On February 2023, 2, the National Support Center for Students with Disabilities announced a new publication, "University Guide 1 […]

Waseda University's three science and engineering faculties to introduce a new transfer system for technical college students in 3

 Waseda University targets students of technical colleges with engineering departments and courses in the three faculties of science and engineering, the Faculty of Fundamental Science and Engineering, the Faculty of Creative Science and Engineering, and the Faculty of Advanced Science and Engineering […]

University admission common test, science ② score adjustment, difficulty difference

 In the university entrance common test held on January 2023 and 1, 14, the predecessor university entrance examination center examination era was included in the elective subjects of science ② […]

"Weekly Asahi" recruits college student models for the annual university entrance examination project, until 2/14

 Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co., Ltd. is looking for college student models to decorate the color gravure magazine for the annual "Weekly Asahi" university project.Application deadline […]

Announcement of university entrance exams, interim totals such as average scores, and make-up exams University Entrance Examination Center

 On January 2023, 1 (Wednesday), the University Entrance Examination Center announced the list of average scores of the university entrance common test (main exam) held on January 18 and 1 […]

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Releases Documentary Movie "My Palm Support Team" Delivering Cheers to Students' Smartphones

 At Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., as a support project for Calorie Mate examinees, Supra delivers cheers from family members and friends to the SNS of examinees […]
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