Kwansei Gakuin University is proceeding with system reforms, including the establishment of four science faculties (Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, and Faculty of Architecture) and reform of the liberal arts curriculum.In the entrance examination system as well, we have expanded various examination methods so that we can accept a diverse range of students and develop their abilities.As a result, the total number of applicants has increased for three consecutive years, gaining support from examinees.Takaki Yamada, Assistant Manager of the Admissions Center, emphasizes, "The success of the entrance examination reform is based on the idea of ​​'examinees first.'"We asked about the key points of the university's entrance examination reform.


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Reforming the entrance examination system from the perspective of examinees
Emphasizing on-site voices and pursuing clarity

 “Our university began full-scale entrance examination reform from the 2021 entrance examination. With the establishment of the new science department, the momentum for reforming the entrance examination system increased, and thorough discussions were held with the cooperation of the entire university. Ta".Looking at the entrance examination system at that time again from the perspective of examinees and their parents, it is said that various points that need to be reformed, such as the problem of entrance examination schedules, examination subjects, and financial burden, became apparent.Therefore, what we emphasized above all was that “examinees come first”.

 First of all, in the 2021 academic year, the examination schedule for all faculties will be held for two days, and the application fee deadline will be postponed. In the 2 entrance examination, we will newly implement 2022 subject types of entrance examinations using common tests, taking into account concurrent applications with national and public universities.Furthermore, in the 2023 entrance examination, we made it possible for examinees to make use of the subjects they are good at, such as selecting the two subjects with the highest scores on the common test schedule.In addition to Osaka Umeda, the Namba area has been added to the examination venue in Osaka, making it more convenient for examinees to choose from two areas.

 As a result, in the 2023 entrance examination, the number of applicants increased by 113% compared to the previous year, and the number of applicants using the common test method increased by 112%.The number of successful applicants increased for the third consecutive year in the general selection, and the result was a strong support from examinees.

 In realizing these entrance examination reforms, the admissions center focused on the voices of those on the ground. “Hundreds of times a year, we hold counseling sessions and entrance examination briefings at various locations such as high schools and preparatory schools.At these times, we communicate directly with examinees, parents, and teachers to get real feedback about their requests and problems. We are picking up and leading to the reform of the entrance examination system.”In addition, in cooperation with the Public Relations Office, we are also focusing on disseminating information and promoting the “knowledge of the entrance examination system” for prospective students and their parents.We are trying to communicate politely, such as strengthening the website and SNS, which can be said to be the face of the university, and holding online briefings.

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