List of articles at Ochanomizu University

Ochanomizu University to open Co-creation Engineering Department (tentative name) in 2024

 Ochanomizu University will start the Faculty of Co-creation Engineering (tentative name) in 2024 by adding engineering knowledge, technology and literary knowledge on the foundation of data science […]

Ritsumeikan University and Ochanomizu University, Diversity Cooperation Agreement

 Ritsumeikan University and Ochanomizu University have said that they will cooperate with each other by utilizing their human resources and information on the realization of a diversity research environment. […]

Discovering the synchronization of the Kuroshio Current and the Gulf Stream far away Is it involved in the occurrence of abnormal weather?

 The Kuroshio Current and the Gulf Stream, the strongest warm currents in the Northern Hemisphere, have been around for several years, even though they are about XNUMX kilometers across the North American continent. […]

2021 National University Innovation Project, allocating a total of 14 billion yen to 4 schools including Nagoya University

 Ochanomizu University, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Nagoya University, Hokkaido University 2021 […]

Ochanomizu University Holds Online Lecture for Teachers and Parents to Support Science Career Selection

 Ochanomizu University is a part of the "Challenge Program for Science Front Runners" to support female students in choosing a career path for science. […]

Ochanomizu University opens a childcare management course in collaboration with industry and academia with the aim of developing advanced childcare workers

 Ochanomizu University has been collaborating with Poppins Holdings Co., Ltd. in industry-academia collaboration, and since April 2021, the Graduate School of Human Development Science, Department of Childcare and Children […]

Tohoku University and Ochanomizu University have a partnership agreement, and Dr. Kuroda, the first female imperial university student, has a relationship

 Tohoku University and Ochanomizu University have signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement.Dr. Chika Kuroda (1884-1968), a pioneer of Japanese female scientists […]

Expected to create artificial proteins with high efficiency and energy saving

 A research group led by Professor Ryosuke Miyake of Ochanomizu University and Associate Professor Takahiro Muraoka of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology used artificially designed peptides […].

2018 Tokyo Women's Advancement Promotion Award Ochanomizu University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Award

 On December 2018, 12, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced the 25 Tokyo Women's Advancement Promotion Award.Ochanomizu University won the grand prize, Tokyo University of Agriculture won the excellence award […]

Sophia University, Ochanomizu University, University of Shizuoka and 10 US universities collaborate

 Sophia University, Ochanomizu University, and University of Shizuoka jointly applied for a project "Human Security and Multicultural Coexistence-Discovering International Collaboration Online […]