Kinki University Article List

AI that predicts the birth of mouse fertilized eggs with the world's highest accuracy Expected to be applied to human infertility treatment

 A joint research group of Keio University, Kinki University, and the University of Tokyo has succeeded in developing an AI that predicts the birth of mouse fertilized eggs with an accuracy of 83.87% […]

Kindai University introduces BizReach's OB/OG visit service Responding to changes in the job hunting environment due to the corona crisis

 Kinki University is an OB / OG visit service operated by BizReach, an Internet service company of the Visional group […]

Kinki University proves the existence of super-females, enabling the production of all female sturgeon

 A research group led by Assistant Professor Ryuhei Kinami of Kinki University has developed a new PCR test method to detect superfemale sturgeon (WW […]

Mynavi Advancement Research Institute conducts "University Recognition and Image Survey" for the first time for high 3 students

 The “Mynavi Advancement Research Institute”, a site specializing in research and information dissemination on the career choices of high school students operated by Mynavi Co., Ltd., has 20 […]

Kinki University Correspondence Education Department Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Yakushima Ozora High School for High School-University Collaboration Improving the University Enrollment Rate of Correspondence High School Graduates

 On July 2022, 7, the Kinki University Correspondence Education Department signed a memorandum of understanding with Yakushima Ozora High School, a wide-area correspondence high school.Communication system […]

Verification of the actual use of masks and attached bacteria and fungi, analyzed by Kinki University for the first time in the world

 A research group led by Professor Masami Park of Kinki University School of Medicine has investigated the relationship between mask usage and lifestyle and bacteria and fungi that adhere to masks around the world […]

It turns out that the social behavior of dolphins rubbing their opponents with pectoral fins also functions as body surface care.

 Mai Sakai, Professor of Fisheries, Faculty of Agriculture, Kinki University, Kamogawa Sea World, and the research team of the Wildlife Research Center of Kyoto University have seen many dolphins […]

World's First Kinki University Discovers Distribution of Intestinal Flora Characteristic of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Patients

 Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a disorder in which unpleasant mental and physical symptoms continue for 3 to 10 days before menstruation, which hinders female performance […].

Waseda University ranked first in Japan by area ranking of "universities of interest" selected by about 1 examinees 4

 From Page Co., Ltd. is "interested [...]" in the "42 Telemail National Simultaneous Advancement Survey" conducted for about 2022 examinees.

Kinki University Develops Palm-sized Cyanide Detector with Excellent Cost Performance

 A research group at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Kinki University has succeeded in developing an analyzer that is inexpensive, compact, and can detect cyanide compounds quickly and easily.
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