Article list of artificial intelligence

Towards the development of BRAIN-AI, conduct a survey of citizens' and researchers' attitudes toward brain science/brain information

 The progress of ``BRAIN-AI'', which is a fusion of brain neuroscience research and artificial intelligence research, has been remarkable in recent years, and the ability of the brain that has not yet been tapped […]

Developed by ZOZO Research Institute, Waseda University, an AI that suggests clothes based on ambiguous fashion images

 A group consisting of Waseda University and ZOZO Research Institute automatically interprets fashion images, which tend to be explained in ambiguous expressions, […]

In April 2023, a new data science department will be born in the Faculty of Business Administration, Asia University!Develop business-oriented DX human resources beyond the boundaries of humanities and sciences

In recent years, many universities have established data science faculties and departments one after another. As AI and digitization accelerate, people in data science […]

Shizuoka University ranked first in the correct answer rate, an international contest to compete for automatic answers to the bar examination

 Research group by Associate Professor Yoshinobu Kano of Shizuoka University Faculty of Informatics at "COLIEE 2022", an international contest to compete for automatic answers to Japanese judicial examinations […]

Nagoya University succeeds in in-computer evolution of meta-memory for human-like artificial intelligence

 A research group led by Professor Takaya Arita of Nagoya University Graduate School has conducted an evolutionary experiment in a computer and conducted a neural network with a meta-memory function […].

Decoding predictions and certainty when exploring the maze from brain activity, Kyoto University and others experiment

 An international collaborative research group between Kyoto University Graduate School and Oxford University has announced that in a virtual reality (VR) partial observation labyrinth, […]

Archeology: Restoration of inscriptions using artificial intelligence

Archeology: Restoring ancient texts using artificial intell […]

University of Tsukuba confirms the effect of giving "weight" to robots' utterances to convey their feelings to people

 A research group led by Associate Professor Fumihide Tanaka of the University of Tsukuba said that when a robot speaks, it makes people feel their emotions and intentions.

Started training junior data scientists for elementary and junior high school students in Hikone City such as Shiga University

 Shiga University, Hikone Chamber of Commerce, Ohmi Data Science Initiative is a junior data science for elementary and junior high school students in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture […]

Instantly search for efficient "joint transportation", Gunma University develops AI matching system for logistics through industry-academia collaboration

 A joint transportation map that instantly lists highly efficient combinations through joint research between Gunma University and Japan Pallet Rental Co., Ltd. (JPR) […]
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