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Free release of clinical medicine channel "CareNeTV" for medical students who cannot practice 

 CareNet Inc. will open the clinical medicine channel "CareNeTV" to medical students free of charge through university medical schools and medical colleges nationwide. […]

High school students investigate the situation of studying at home while study plus is closed for 5 hours or more on weekdays

Currently, the environment surrounding junior and senior high school students' learning is undergoing major changes in response to a request for temporary closure due to a new coronavirus infection.Therefore, learning management […]

LINE Mirai Foundation LINE official account provides free learning videos for 5 subjects

 The LINE Mirai Foundation *, a general incorporated foundation established by LINE Corporation, has been temporarily closed due to the influence of the new coronavirus and cannot take classes. […]

Review your majors as a student in a free online university course

 The free online course "MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)" established by the university is a learning experience for working adults […]

Tokyo Online University opens in 2018, no need to go to school, only online lectures

 Tokyo Online University was approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on August 2017, 8, and it was decided to open in April 29. 2018 4 […]

Study supplement develops new products coached by active university students

 Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. is a new […] of the popular online learning service "Study Supplement" used by a total of 25 people.

The University of Tokyo's world's first "U Tokyo OCWx" offers free lectures in an easy-to-understand manner

 The University of Tokyo Center for Education and Research has been published in UTokyo OCW since January 2017, 1. […]

Automatic subtitle system realizes recognition rate of about 90% in lectures at the Open University of Japan Kyoto University

 The research group of Professor Tatsuya Kawahara, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University, Professor Yoko Hirose, The Open University of Japan, etc. is a research group of automatic speech recognition for lectures and lectures […]

Study classes using "study supplements" such as Fukui University

 From September 2015, Fukui University, Fukui City Board of Education, and Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. have been offering online learning services […].
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