List of articles on environmental issues

Mukogawa Women's University plans to establish "Faculty of Environmental Symbiosis" in April 2025

 Mukogawa Women's University will open its 2025th faculty, the Faculty of Environmental Symbiosis, in April 4 (planning for establishment is currently underway). Opportunities for universities by converting to science majors […]

Higashikawa-cho, Hokkaido, Osaki-cho, Kagoshima, and Keio University started accepting foreign U-turn students

 From May 2023, Higashikawa Town in Hokkaido will accept the first international students of the "Recycle Study Abroad Project" and start training. Including 5 consecutive years […]

Hideki Sato, Lecturer, Department of Contemporary Sociology, Edogawa University, Receives the Grand Prize in the Eco-People Category of the "Eco Test Awards 2022" 

 At Edogawa University, Lecturer Hideki Sato of the Department of Contemporary Sociology, Faculty of Sociology (Specialty: Environmental Policy, Environmentally Conscious Society) was invited to participate in the "[…]

Toyo Gakuen University and student group "Gomi Zero Circle" participate in industry-academia collaboration project

 At Toyo Gakuen University, the official student group “Gomi Zero Circle”, which is promoting the “Japan’s No.

Environmental Science: Monitoring Ozone Recovery

Environmental sciences: Monitoring ozone recovery Ozone […]

To acquire the power to move people and change society [Dekir! Department] Musashino University Faculty of Engineering Department of Sustainability (established in April 2023)

Musashino University Faculty of Engineering will reorganize the Department of Environment Systems next spring, and will be the first in Japan to have a new department named "Sustainability" [...]

Developed by Tohoku University, an almost transparent solar cell that allows 80% of visible light to pass through

 The research group of Associate Professor Toshiaki Kato of Tohoku University Graduate School is "Transition Metal Daikal Kogenai […]" which is a transparent and flexible semiconductor atomic sheet.

Kyushu University and Kyocera start organizational-based collaboration to tackle social issues through industry-academia collaboration

 Kyushu University and Kyocera Corporation signed an organization-friendly collaboration agreement on June 2022, 6.The 3st Collaboration Council on July 7th of the same year (Kick-off Mi […]]

"Japan's most garbage-free university project" Toyo Gakuen University, student volunteers start

 At Toyo Gakuen University, six volunteer students from the Faculty of Contemporary Business Administration said, "The most garbage-free university project in Japan-Toga Kunomiraio Kaeyou- (commonly known as [...]]

Waste plastic in the environment, 5% leaked to the sea Kyushu University, etc. Estimated

 Professor Atsuhiko Isobe of the Institute of Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University, and Researcher Shinsuke Iwasaki of the Cold Region Civil Engineering Research Institute of the Civil Engineering Research Institute have thrown them into the environment since the 1960s […]
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