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Japanese language school faculty choose the destination they would like to recommend to international students "2023 Study Abroad in Japan AWARDS" grand prize school decided

 On September 2023, 9, the Japanese Language Education Promotion Association (General Incorporated Foundation) announced that Japanese language school faculty members across the country recommended international students from universities and vocational schools […]

About 2022 foreign students in 4, strongly affected by the corona disaster

 As of May 2022, 5, the number of foreign students studying at 1 universities belonging to the Japan Private Universities Association has decreased slightly from the same period last year to 123 […]

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology estimates that about 2040% of the capacity will be enrolled in universities in 8

 It is estimated that the number of new students enrolled in universities nationwide in the 2040-2050 academic year will remain at about 63, a decrease of about 5,000 from the current level of about 13 […]

Exchange party for international students and Japanese students hosted by Edogawa University and International Exchange Center

 At Edogawa University, an exchange party for international students and Japanese students hosted by the International Exchange Center will be held at the student cafeteria “Dining & Cafe […]

The number of international students at national universities is recovering, reaching pre-coronavirus levels

 The number of foreign students studying at 86 national universities nationwide has recovered to 2022% of the capacity by November 11, returning to the level before the corona crisis.

On March 3, the International University Forum will be held on the theme of career support for international students.

 Josai International University, Kansai University of International Studies, and Kyushu International University are members of the network "International University Future Network", which will be launched in March 2023.

Edogawa University Hosts International Student Bus Tour for the First Time in 3 Years

 On November 2022th, 11, the International Exchange Center of Edogawa University held the "International Student Bus Tour".5 international students and 22 faculty members participated in the thorn […]

Certify Provides Online Examination Service for University of Tokyo Graduate School Entrance Examinations from Overseas

 Certify of the qualification test is the entrance examination for the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine, which was held in August.
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