High school student article list

Reasons why high school boys quit their athletic clubs midway through a follow-up survey conducted by Nippon Sport Science University and Meiji Yasuda Welfare Corporation

 Nippon Sport Science University and the Meiji Yasuda Welfare Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation, announced the results of a joint study on exercise and sports activities among adolescents.

“University awareness/image survey” among third-year high school students Private universities rank in the top 3 in Kanto, Koshinetsu, and Kansai areas Mynavi Academic Advancement Research Institute

 Continuing from 2022, the Mynavi Academic Advancement Research Institute will continue to provide guidance to approximately 3 high school third-year students (scheduled to graduate in March 2024) across the country at various universities […]

Ideal and Reality of Theme Setting ~ From the scene of high school “inquiry” Part 1 ~

 Originally, I worked at a university as a researcher in theoretical physics.

The number of students in correspondence high schools is the highest ever, and what is the impact on university correspondence courses?

 The US National Institute for Academic Advancement, which conducts research and analysis on higher education institutions, is based on the ``Basic School Survey 2023'' published by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on August 8, 23.

One in five high school students has two smartphones, and the average number of SNS accounts is 5.

 The career information media “Study Sapuri Career” provided by Recruit Co., Ltd. is a high school student editor and official LI of the Study Sapuri editorial department.

Kanazawa Institute of Technology opens a lecture on "disaster prevention based on mechanisms" for elementary school students' free research

 From 2023, Kanazawa City will start the promotion platform for promoting the specialization of private universities in the suburbs of Kanazawa, where Kanazawa Institute of Technology serves as a managing school (Private University PF).

Japan Kokusai Gakuen University, which will open in April 2024, will hold an English camp on August 4, recruiting participants

 Japan Kokusai Gakuen University (Operating body: Tsukuba Gakuin University), which will open in April 2024, will start English from August 4, 2023 (Wednesday).

Shizuoka University and Jalan Research Center Develop Career Education Program to Enjoy “Leisure” Now Available for Free

 Shizuoka University and Recruit Co., Ltd.'s Jalan Research Center have jointly developed a career education program (teaching materials) for enjoying leisure time.teaching […]

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Holds "Nuclear Open Campus" for High School Students Gathering Universities and Nuclear-Related Organizations to Learn About Nuclear Energy

 On August 2023, 8 (Thursday), the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology held the “Nuclear Open Campus” for high school students nationwide as part of the nuclear human resource development project.

Significant decrease in “motivation” in the work style desired for children Mynavi, 2023 Parent Survey on High School Career Paths

 Mynavi Co., Ltd. operates a survey research and information dissemination site “Mynavi Advancement Research Institute” on high school career choices […]
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