At Kio University, from August 2022, 8, "Adapted Sports" will be held in all four summer intensive courses "Sports Practice II / B". It was an opportunity for students aiming to become professionals in "health" and "education" to deepen their understanding of adapted sports and disabilities.

 Kio University offers "Sports Practice II / B" (first year dividend / elective subject) as an intensive course in summer and winter, and from 1, as a new initiative, adapted sports, core training walking, basketball and badminton.

 Adapted sports are sports whose rules and equipment have been devised and adapted so that anyone can easily participate and enjoy themselves regardless of gender, age, physical strength, or lack of sports experience.The Tokyo Paralympic Games, which will be held in 2021, have spread recognition in Japan, and various experiential events and competitions are being held in various places.

 Kiwako Kano, a graduate of the Department of Physical Therapy at Kio University and a graduate of the Graduate School of Health Sciences, served as a lecturer for the adapted sports this time.She is currently active as a physical therapist (sports certified physical therapist, intermediate sports instructor for people with disabilities) at the Osaka City Maishima Sports Center for the Disabled, and has a track record of participating in the Tokyo Olympics as a Tokyo 2020 MED staff.

 In the four-day program, first lectures were held in classrooms, where participants learned about adaptive sports and parasports, sports competitions and disability classification, and physical functions and risk management according to age and disability. On the second day, students experienced physical disabilities by pairing up with a wheelchair experience, an elderly experience, a hemiplegia experience, and a visual impairment experience.

 On the third day, three adapted sports were actually played: sitting volleyball, goalball, and boccia. Using the knowledge they have learned and experienced in their classes, each group thinks about what they can do and what things are difficult for people with physical disabilities. created and announced a new adapted sport.

 A student who took the course said, "I learned that what is written in the textbook is not the only correct answer. Professor Kano's words, 'You can discover a person's individuality as you get to know each person,' left an impression on me." Through the hands-on experience, we were able to focus more deeply on areas that we usually don't pay much attention to. In terms of meaning, there were comments such as "I felt deeply that I was not able to 'support and support'."

 Mr. Kano, who served as a lecturer, said, "I am deeply moved by being able to stand on the platform of my alma mater as a lecturer. I don't think there is a correct answer for adapted sports. There are many ways to do it because there are people involved. In the limited time of four days, students who aim to become specialists in their respective fields need to be able to communicate with each faculty and department. I was very impressed to see the students engaging in discussions across disciplines.I hope that this lecture will serve as an opportunity for the students to create opportunities to enjoy interacting with people with disabilities and many other people through sports.” sent us an email.

reference:[Kio University KIO Smile Blog] Summer Sports Practice 2022 "Adapted Sports" Report vol.5

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