Ritsumeikan University and ASICS Japan Co., Ltd. are collaborating with PROGRIT Co., Ltd., which develops the English coaching program PROGRIT, with the aim of cultivating global athletes who will carry the Japanese sports world on their shoulders in the future.Started the "Ritsumeikan-Global Athlete Program" to improve the English skills of student-athletes and experience the world's best sports education.

 The Ritsumeikan Trust and ASICS Japan Co., Ltd. have long concluded a comprehensive collaboration and exchange agreement, and are developing various projects with the aim of developing local communities, educational research, and international society through sports. The "Ritsumeikan-Global Athlete Program" is a program that is implemented as part of this initiative, and selects student athletes who aim to be active on the world stage. I do.

 This year, the first year, student athletes belonging to Ritsumeikan University's strengthening clubs were selected from the men's track and field team, Riiraki Kawamoto (3rd year food management faculty) and Kina Matsuo (women's track and field team). Shunsuke Iwata from the rugby club (4rd year, Sports and Health Sciences) was selected. From December 3 to the end of March 3, the three will take a program prepared to experience the world's best sports education.The program is scheduled to include a short-term study abroad program at the international elite sports academy "IMG Academy" in Florida, USA, and a visit to Florida State University. Take "PROGRIT".

 Yoshio Nakatani, President of Ritsumeikan University, said that this project will provide an opportunity to improve English proficiency, which will lead to self-confidence, and experience the world's best sports education, which will become the foundation for being active in the world. The challenger has a ``clear will.'' I expect him to grow into a strong sportsman who will lead the future and expand the possibilities of sports."

Reference: [Ritsumeikan University] Ritsumeikan University / ASICS Japan Program Collaboration Project "Ritsumeikan-Global Athlete Program" started ■ Developing global athletes who will carry the Japanese sports world in the future ■ (PDF)

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