The Japan Association of National Universities (Chairman, Susumu Satomi, President of Tohoku University) has announced that the Ministry of Finance intends to increase the number of national university faculty and staff, raise tuition fees, and further reduce operating expenses subsidies at the Financial System Council. , Published materials on the views of national universities and the impact of raising tuition fees at local universities, and appealed for careful response to price increases and equal opportunities for higher education outside metropolitan areas.

 The Japan Association of National Universities stated that the increase in the number of faculty and staff was due to the expansion of young fixed-term staff and medical staff at affiliated hospitals, in response to the intention of the Ministry of Finance indicated by the Financial System Council, and the labor cost of full-time staff decreased. Pointed out that.He said that discussions about raising tuition fees were not appropriate, and asked him to think carefully while considering economic conditions such as prices and wages.
Regarding the impact on the increase in tuition fees, if we try to cover all the increase in self-income with tuition fees, it may exceed the annual tuition fees of private universities in the future, and it may produce students who cannot go on to school due to regional and economic disparities. It is pointed out that there is no such thing.

 Iwate University opposes that a large increase in tuition fees could lead to widening educational disparities and would affect recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the realization of regional revitalization.The University of Tokushima pointed out that since the incorporation of a national university in 2004, operating expenses subsidies have been reduced, making it difficult to autonomously reform and strengthen functions.Saga University has indicated that it is difficult to expect an increase in self-income due to the current economic situation.

 In addition, the Japan Association of National Universities adopted the "Resolution on the Expansion of National University Corporation Operating Expense Subsidies" at the general meeting of the National University Promotion Council, and submitted it to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Manabu Sakai. Requested stable securing of expenses.

reference:[The Japan Association of National Universities] Statement by off-campus members of the management council of each university regarding the proposal by the Ministry of Finance (October 27.10.26, 12) at the Financial System Council (as of 10/XNUMX)

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