At Sophia University, the period from May 7th to 2016st, 5, prior to the G16 Ise Shima Summit, will be "Sophia Thinking of the World and Future Pre G21 Week-a week to think about the world and its future at Sophia University ahead of the G7". We will hold a symposium inviting key figures who will come to Japan at a related meeting of the G7 Ise Shima Summit to Sophia University and a student summit to discuss various issues around the world.

 There are three events planned for "Sophia Thinking of the World and Future Pre G7 Week". On May 3, 2015, we will hold an international symposium on the theme of empowerment of girls and women through education, inviting members of the House of Representatives Yuriko Koike and Ms. Alice Albright, CEO of Global Partnership for Education.

 The 18th will be a student summit centered on international students from each G7 member country studying at Sophia University.The supervisor is Ichiro Fujisaki, a specially invited professor of Sophia University's International Strategic Advisor (former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the United States).Create a place for practical discussions, including the experience of the diplomat era and discussions at the actual summit.

The 20th is an international higher education symposium inviting the EU's Secretary-General for Higher Education and Professor Jane Knight, a higher education researcher at the University of Toronto.With the internationalization of higher education, students, researchers, and educational research institutes themselves are moving across national borders. Discuss the potential and policy issues of international higher education to be developed.

General viewing is possible for each event, but advance application is required from the Sophia University website.

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