List of articles newly established by the faculty

Iwate University announces plans to reorganize the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Agriculture and establish a new Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in April 2025

 Iwate University announced plans to reorganize its Faculty of Science and Technology and Faculty of Agriculture in 2025, as well as a new plan for its Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.The Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Agriculture were reorganized, and the Faculty of Agriculture was jointly established […]

The Graduate University of Business Creation plans to establish a correspondence-based "Faculty of Information Design (tentative name)" in April 2025, and the university name will also be changed.

 The Graduate University of Business Creation aims to establish a new correspondence-based information department, "Faculty of Information Design (tentative name)", in April 2025 following the decision of the educational corporation [...]

Niigata University of Health and Welfare opens the only Department of Psychology and Health in Japan where you can "learn three psychological fields at the same time"

 Niigata University of Health and Welfare will open the Department of Psychology and Health in the Faculty of Psychology and Welfare in April 2024.Three psychological areas: basic psychology, clinical psychology, and exercise psychology […]

Yamagata University plans to establish a new "Social Co-Creation Digital Academic Circle (tentative name)" in April 2025, with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Regional Education and Culture, and Faculty of Science collaborating

 Yamagata University will launch the “Social Co-Creation Digital Academic Circle (tentative name)” in April 2025 as a new interdisciplinary degree program that utilizes digital technology.

Seisen Women's University will open "Faculty of Comprehensive Culture" and "Faculty of Global Citizenship" in April 2025 (tentative name/planning for establishment)

 Seisen Women's University plans to open the Faculty of Comprehensive Culture and the Faculty of Global Citizenship in April 2025 (tentative names and plans in progress).In addition, […]

Seikei University is planning to establish the Faculty of International Co-creation (tentative name), aiming to open in April 2026

 Seikei University aims to open the Faculty of International Collaborative Creation (tentative name) in April 2026.The Faculty of International Co-creation consists of one department, the “Department of International Co-creation” […]

Ibaraki University Regional Future Co-Creation Initiative releases website and recruitment guidelines for opening in April 2024

 On September 2023, 9, Ibaraki University announced the homepage of the new educational organization (bachelor's degree course) "Academic Circle for Co-creating the Future of the Region" starting in April 22.

Meiji Gakuin University will open its first science department, “Faculty of Information and Mathematics,” in April 2024

 Meiji Gakuin University received approval from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on September 2023, 9, and will be the first Meiji Gakuin University to open a new science department, “Faculty of Information and Mathematics […]

Kindai University Faculty of Architecture Plans to Launch Correspondence Course in April 2025 Can Acquire Qualification for First-Class Architect Examination

 In April 2025, Kinki University opened the “Faculty of Architecture (correspondence course)” based on the knowledge of the history and achievements of the Faculty of Architecture and the Correspondence Education Department of Kinki University.

Konan University to Establish “Global Liberal Arts Interdisciplinary Program” in April 2024

 Konan University is preparing to open in April 2024, "Global Liberal Arts Interdisciplinary".
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