List of articles newly established by the faculty

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology proposes a regulation that does not allow new departments to be established at universities with a capacity of less than 5%

 A revision of the approval criteria of the notification of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, which states that universities with faculties whose number of students is less than 5% of the admission capacity will not be allowed to establish new faculties or increase the number of students […]

Tokyo City University opens "Faculty of Design and Data Science" in April 2023 on Yokohama Campus

 Tokyo City University will open the Faculty of Design and Data Science on the Yokohama campus in April 2023.June 4, 2022 by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology […]

For the first time in the Tokai area, Daido University is planning to establish the "Faculty of Architecture (tentative name)" in April 2024.

 Daido University made the current "Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture" independent in April 2024, and became the first new department in the Tokai area "Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture (tentative name)" […]

Shizuoka University applies for the establishment of the Faculty of Global Co-creation Science (tentative name) to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

 Shizuoka University decided to establish a Global Co-creation Science Department (tentative name) in April 2023, and applied to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.From the humanities and social sciences […]

Chuo University to open a new graduate school of informatics and law integration at graduate school

 In April 2023, Chuo University decided to establish a new Graduate School of International Informatics on the Ichigayatamachi Campus in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (notifying the establishment) […]

Otemon Gakuin University establishes Sojiji campus as a base in April 2025 and builds new school building

 Otemon Gakuin University built a new school building on the Ibaraki Sochiji Campus, consolidating most of the undergraduate, graduate and headquarters functions, and in April 2025, Ibaraki […]

Fukui Prefectural University is the first dinosaur faculty in Japan, and the prefecture has set the initial budget for maintenance costs.

 Fukui Prefecture has decided to open the first dinosaur faculty (tentative name) in Fukui Prefectural University in April 2025, and the 4 general account initial budget […]

Japan Women's University, special invitation of Mr. Mari Yamazaki and others to foster "cross-border power" as a faculty member of the Faculty of International Cultural Studies (tentative name) scheduled to open in 2023

 Japan Women's University is a writer, editor, and photographer as a special invited professor of the "Faculty of International Cultural Studies (tentative name)" scheduled to open in April 2023 (under construction) […]

Ochanomizu University to open Co-creation Engineering Department (tentative name) in 2024

 Ochanomizu University will start the Faculty of Co-creation Engineering (tentative name) in 2024 by adding engineering knowledge, technology and literary knowledge on the foundation of data science […]

Kanagawa University, Faculty of Science and Technology is planning to establish "Faculty of Chemistry and Life Sciences" and "Faculty of Informatics" from 2023 faculties to 4 faculties in April 3

 Kanagawa University plans to establish a new "Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry" and "Faculty of Informatics" in April 2023, and to establish a department in the existing Faculty of Science and Engineering.
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