List of articles in graduate school

In April 2022, Tokiwa University Graduate School newly established Graduate School of Nursing

 Tokiwa University Graduate School was approved by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on August 2021, 8, and the "Graduate School of Nursing" will be newly established in April 27.

Musashino University starts "Undergraduate / Master's Program" to take graduate school courses in advance in the 4th year

 Musashino University started the "Undergraduate and Master's Program" in April 2021.Students must take graduate school courses in advance in the 4th year […]

Tokiwa University to open "Graduate School of Nursing" from 2022

 Tokiwa University newly established the Faculty of Nursing, Department of Nursing in April 2018.Graduate School of Nursing (tentative name) was established in April 4 to produce the first graduates […]

Osaka University Graduate School of Information Science and Technology Holds "One Day Experience Class" 5/1 Online

 The Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University will offer an online "2021 day experience […]" for high school students, technical college students, university students, etc. on May 5, 1.

University of Tsukuba School of Education holds free online event for high school students aiming for educational profession

 The University of Tsukuba School of Education, on December 2020, 12 and January 19, 2021, aimed at high school students and parents of high school students, "Aiming for an educational position […]

A new course to train medical interpreters will be offered at Juntendo University Graduate School in April 2021.

 Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine is a health communication system that trains medical interpreters (English and Chinese) in the master's program of the Department of Medical Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine […]

What is the education and training benefit system that supports recurrent education? In some cases, there is support for living expenses in addition to tuition fees

 Education and training benefits are a part of the cost when incumbents who have unemployment insurance and those who have left the company receive education and training such as qualification acquisition courses […]

Showa Women's University newly established a one-year graduate school course that allows students to obtain a master's degree while working from 1

 From April 2021, Showa Women's University is a one-year graduate course for working adults who can obtain a master's degree in one year while working […]

Yokohama National University, Graduate School of Teacher Education, cooperation agreement with 5 universities to train teachers who will lead the creation of new schools in Kanagawa Prefecture

 Yokohama National University has a partnership agreement with Kanto Gakuin University, Kitasato University, Sophia University, Tokyo Science University, and Yokohama City University on the advancement of teacher training […]

Tokyo Institute of Technology to implement data science and AI education for all graduate students from 2020

 Tokyo Institute of Technology will start education on data science (DS) and artificial intelligence (AI) for all graduate students from 2020.Education […]