List of articles on career support

Kinki University realizes DX of career support and strengthens network with alumni (PR)

Kinki University is one of the largest comprehensive universities in western Japan, with 15 faculties and 49 departments ranging from medicine to art.“Practical education and […]

Showa Women's University ranks 645st among women's universities nationwide in three categories: employment, global education, and caring in a survey of 3 universities nationwide that are recommended by career advisors

 Showa Women's University was ranked as ``empowering for employment'' in the 645 survey of ``Universities Recommended by Career Advisors'' conducted by University Communication targeting 2023 preparatory schools nationwide.

Nagasaki University becomes the first national university to introduce BizReach Campus after using it for individual departments (PR)

At Nagasaki University, where about 9,000 undergraduate and graduate students study, students can independently think about their career and lifestyle after graduation.

Aoyama Gakuin University Expands Career Options by Bringing OB/OG Visits Online (PR)

Since its founding, Aoyama Gakuin University has provided education based on the Christian faith and made efforts to develop human resources with the wisdom and power to discover and solve problems on their own […]

Kyoto Sangyo University - Providing flexible employment support that matches the individuality and timing of each student, and sending out human resources who can think and act on their own into society

Kyoto Sangyo University is a comprehensive university with 10 faculties and 18 departments in the humanities and sciences, with about 1 students studying on one campus […]

On March 3, the International University Forum will be held on the theme of career support for international students.

 Josai International University, Kansai University of International Studies, and Kyushu International University are members of the network "International University Future Network", which will be launched in March 2023.

Kio University ranks 300th in the Kansai region for the 2022th consecutive year in the ``Actual Employment Rate Ranking 4'' among universities with more than 4 graduates

 In the “Actual Employment Rate Ranking 2022*” announced by Daigaku Tsushin Co., Ltd., Kio University is a national public and private university with more than 300 graduates […]

Major publishing editors comment on student works, Kyoto Seika University holds "Manga editorial department joint review" online

 On August 2022th (Monday) and 8th (Tuesday), 8, Kyoto Seika University will target students of all faculties as part of its career support for students.

More than 1% of 2st and 9nd graders want "career support for lower grades" at universities BizReach survey

 BizReach Campus, an OB / OG visit network service operated by Visional Group's BizReach Co., Ltd., is […]