List of articles on global education

Showa Women's University ranks 645st among women's universities nationwide in three categories: employment, global education, and caring in a survey of 3 universities nationwide that are recommended by career advisors

 Showa Women's University was ranked as ``empowering for employment'' in the 645 survey of ``Universities Recommended by Career Advisors'' conducted by University Communication targeting 2023 preparatory schools nationwide.

New global education practiced by Kansai University of Foreign Studies Establishment of the "International Japanese Studies" to nurture human resources who connect Japan with the world

In April 2024, Kansai University of Foreign Studies will open the Department of International Japanese Studies in the Faculty of Foreign Studies and the Department of Future Career English in the Junior College. April 4 “International […]

Konan University to Establish “Global Liberal Arts Interdisciplinary Program” in April 2024

 Konan University is preparing to open in April 2024, "Global Liberal Arts Interdisciplinary".

International college of technology reports on the career paths of the first batch of international colleges of technology

 Kokusai College of Technology in Ishikawa Prefecture is a 15-year higher education institution that aims to become a global innovator from the age of 5 after graduating from junior high school. In 2018, Kanazawa […]

Konan University to open "Global Liberal Arts Degree Program 'STAGE'" (establishment planned) in April 2024

 In April 2024, as a new development of global education, Konan University will offer a special degree program for 4 students per year who aspire to a global career […]

Courses opened at the same time as Showa Women's University and Temple University in the United States For all undergraduate students from FY22

 Showa Women's University will open a course for all undergraduate students at the same time as the adjacent Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) from 2022 "[...]

Kansai Gaidai University, Faculty of International Symbiosis (tentative name) is under planning to be newly established in April 2023

 Kansai Gaidai University announced "Faculty of International Symbiosis (tentative name)" in April 2023, and "Department of English and Digital Communication (tentative name)" in the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​[…]

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, recruiting participants for online program for high school students

 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University is an online program "BEGIN Jr." for new high school first to third graders all over Japan.

Otemon Gakuin University opens Faculty of International Studies and Faculty of Letters, scheduled for 2022

 On January 2021, 1, Otemon Gakuin University reorganized the Faculty of International Liberal Arts, and in April 18, the Faculty of International Studies and the Faculty of Letters (both tentative names and plans) […]
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