Article list of junior high school students

Osaka University publishes “will” book to encourage female students to junior high and high school girls

 Osaka University has published a public relations booklet called ``Will'' that conveys the appeal of the university to female junior high and high school students. The content is a message of encouragement from female students to junior high and high school students, divided by grade […]

Mathematics problem design with ambiguous premises is effective in fostering a relative view of truth University of Tsukuba

 In the world of mathematics, not only are there cases in which there is only one correct answer, but also cases in which the truth or falsity of a proposition changes depending on the premises. This “relativity of truth […]

Approximately 2% of students participate in open campus by their second year of high school, research by Study Plus

 Studyplus Trend Institute of Studyplus Co., Ltd. will launch the learning management app from October 2023th to November 10st, 27 […]

Nippon Institute of Technology holds a career search event for elementary and junior high school students in Kasukabe City, ``Learn about the future of drones and try your hand at piloting them''

 On September 2023, 9, an event sponsored by the Kasukabe City Board of Education was held at the Nippon Institute of Technology, “Career Search Series for Elementary and Junior High School Students: Learning about drones, […]

Approximately 8% of elementary to high school students say ``Classes that use ICT devices are fun'' Survey conducted by the University of Tokyo Institute of Social Science and Benesse

 In 2014, the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Tokyo and the Benesse Educational Research Institute launched a joint research project to clarify the reality of children's lives and learning.

Hachinohe Institute of Technology and Shintaro Yamada D&I Foundation sign partnership agreement to develop STEM human resources among junior high and high school girls

 On November 2023, 11, Hachinohe Institute of Technology and the Shintaro Yamada D&I Foundation will promote STEM (science) careers among junior high and high school girls […]

The University of Tokyo holds a lecture at Yasuda Auditorium where parents and children think about war and peace

 With the world's attention focused on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the University of Tokyo held a lecture on October 10st for parents and children to think about war and peace at the Hongo Campus […]

Joint research with Kyushu University linked to social anxiety disorder as a cause of school refusal among middle school and high school students

 26% of junior high and high school students who come to Kyushu University Hospital in Fukuoka City with stuttering disorder are not attending school, and one of the reasons for this is social anxiety disorder […]

Kanazawa Institute of Technology opens a lecture on "disaster prevention based on mechanisms" for elementary school students' free research

 From 2023, Kanazawa City will start the promotion platform for promoting the specialization of private universities in the suburbs of Kanazawa, where Kanazawa Institute of Technology serves as a managing school (Private University PF).

New next-generation science and technology challenge program of the Japan Science and Technology Agency, 12 projects selected by Keio University, etc.

 The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) launched the 2023 Next Generation Science and Technology Challenge to support educational programs that improve the abilities of elementary, junior high and high school students from a long-term perspective […]
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