List of articles on long-term care

Tohoku University expands family care leave and leave system to support work-family balance

 Starting in April, Tohoku University expanded its nursing care leave and leave system for faculty and staff. It is the only university in Japan that has been selected as a candidate for certification as an International Excellence Research University […]

One-third of family caregivers use self-medication, research by University of Tsukuba

 In Tsukuba, one in three family members who care for patients with chronic diseases use self-medication to deal with their own health problems, such as over-the-counter drugs […]

Elucidation of actual risks of drug-induced adverse events and drug-related errors in elderly care facilities

 Groups such as Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine conducted clinical epidemiological surveys at long-term care facilities in Japan (hereinafter referred to as long-term care facilities), and […]

Matching university cultural circles and long-term care facilities in the field of recreation 

 Plusrobo Co., Ltd., which operates the support platform "Sketter" specializing in long-term care and welfare, and the welfare student group "Inter-Fair […]

In Japan 20 years later, dementia will decrease, but health inequalities will widen and long-term care costs will increase

 The University of Tokyo, Stanford University, and Aging Society Research […] predict that the number of dementia patients will decrease in Japan 20 years after the aging of the population progresses.

Yokohama City University survey in 2050, 1.4 times more home visits

 A research group led by Dr. Atsushi Kaneko of the Graduate School of Data Science, Yokohama City University uses the Yokohama City database to help elderly people aged 75 and over […]

Confirmed the usefulness of "Caspian Sea Yogurt" as a supplement that makes it easier to swallow medicines

 A joint research group of Iwate Medical University, Teikyo Heisei University, and Fujicco Co., Ltd. has the potential as a medication supplement for "Caspian Sea Yogurt" […]

Family of cancer patients at home, feeling heavy burden on long-term care while working

 When caring for a cancer patient at home, I often feel the burden of time factors such as not having enough time for myself, so I care for my parents while working […]

Regional disparity of 1.7 times the risk of needing nursing care, Kio University conducts large-scale survey

 Associate Professor Daisuke Matsumoto and Professor Katsuhiko Takatori of the Department of Physical Therapy, Kio University are positive for four years for the late-stage elderly who are at particularly high risk of becoming in need of nursing care […]

Survey on the burden of elderly care at home in Corona, Tokyo University of Science, etc.

 Associate Professor Shinya Sugawara of the Faculty of Business Administration, Tokyo University of Science, and Professor Jiro Nakamura of the Institute of Comprehensive Science, Nihon University have visited outpatient care and visits due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection […]